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Archive: December, 2007

Planning your killer blog

Tweet Lets get right to it, you are thinking of creating a blog. Why? Ah, that stopped you didn’t it. You’ve read the first post “Building wealth with your blog” and like the the thought of bringing in some extra money from your blog. This post looks at what it takes to plan your blog, [...]

Jargon Explained Part 2: Domains, DNS & IP

Tweet This is part 2 in my series explaining the jargon of the web. If you missed part 1, POP, SMTP & IMAP, you might want to read it first. So now we are going to look at some jargon around these www things we use to visit websites & send email. For example, you [...]

Merry Christmas

Tweet Merry Christmas one and all. I hope all your dreams come true, that your day is full of fun, laughter and great food. Here is a little treat for you, the pic above is from Vladstudio a studio run by a great designer called Vlad. He has a collection of wallpapers amongst which there [...]

5 reasons to use Google Apps

Tweet Any web developer will tell you setting up email for a client can be the bane of their life. I know when I ran my own company and was providing all hosting services, 90% of the support queries we took were in regards to email. In the last 2 years I’ve moved completely away [...]

Jargon Explained Part 1: POP, SMTP & IMAP

Tweet When it comes to the internet there is a lot of jargon thrown around and many people don’t know what these words & terms mean. What I hope to do with this series is unwrap some of this jargon so anyone can understand. Often small business owners, or organisation leaders need to make technology [...]


Tweet Daddy (me) decided that Mummy needed a break from bub, so he bundled bub into the buggy and headed off for a 20min walk around the block. After completing the first 2 roads, Daddy decided he might veer right instead of left and swing past the supermarket. Feeling mighty proud of himself for getting [...]

Build wealth with your blog

Tweet Lets face it, most of us gather our income from one source. Our day job. Sure it’s possible to make a fair amount of money with your day job & if you are good at saving you can save a lot too. But what if you want to earn something extra on the side? [...]

Mix ‘n’ Match

Tweet Getting a website or online business online is not the easiest thing, especially if you are not a coder. Trying to find out what CSS, PHP, ASP and other terms mean is hard. When you start looking at off the shelf products it makes it even more confusing. I’ve just been asked by a [...]

1 reason to ignore digg

Tweet I have my list of favourite sites, a list I’m slowly revealing here on this blog. One of these sites I absolutely adore is a blog by Brian Clark. Brain’s site is dedicated to helping others improve their writing style. One goal of my blog is to help me improve my writing, and [...]

Remember the Milk + Gmail

Tweet Remember the Milk is a great online service that helps you remember things. Think of it as your digital to-do-list. When I started using this service, it was simply a website that you could email tasks too. Now, well it’s so much more. Today they have announced full integration with GMail which brings your [...]

Freelance Book

Tweet Cyan & Collis Ta’eed have just finished what looks to be a fantastic book for freelancers. Collis & his wife Cyan are the team behind the ultimate online resource for freelancers. Having been out on my own before I know how hard it can be, although for some reason every person starting out [...]

Firefox 3 beta 2 & software releases

Tweet Firefox 3 is getting closer to full release with each new day. It’s great to see today that the 2nd beta version is now available for download, as announced by Mozilla For those of you new to software you don’t have to purchase, many companies now include the wider internet community in the testing [...]

Magic Denty

Tweet Muks posted a story yesterday about an ‘incident’ with their boiler deciding to spit water everywhere. To her rescue came ‘Magic Denty’ the superhero, who fixed the boiler with his magic hands and devices. So I thought to myself – every superhero needs a shield, something they can adorn to their cape. I had [...]

5 things I learnt from Deadliest Catch

Tweet “Mamma always said you’ll never learn nuthin’ from TV”, well mum was wrong. Deadliest Catch is a show on Discovery Channel following the crab fishermen of the Bering Sea, a show that has taught me at least 5 things about life, work and humor. My job is a walk in the park compared to [...]

DIY CSS Framework

Tweet CSS (cascading style sheets) is the defining layer of any website. For those not sure, CSS is the bit of a web page, that tells your browser where to put things when rendering (drawing) the page. CSS is fantastic, however with little to no Web Standards between the many browsers out there you can’t [...]