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Archive: January, 2008

Learn for free – Podcasts from the best

Tweet I have been slowly building up a collection of must listen too podcasts – podcasts for helping you learn. I was hoping to (and may still do one day) write a post here with the ultimate list of learning podcasts. I mean why pay a fortune for an education when you can get much [...]

Rusty coding

Tweet I used to develop full time, that is designing, programming and full development of websites. Of course that was a number of years ago, and my job now, while requiring a growing understanding of the internet, doesn’t see me coding or developing. I’m starting to set up a small website in the evenings, just [...]

Ultimate PHP software

Tweet I’ve just spent about 4 hours looking around Google trying to find some solutions that I need. I only have a few requirements: must be free (open source) must be php & mysql must be (x)HTML & CSS compliant must integrate with PayPal must have Credit Card integration (c2o etc) manage memberships (free & [...]

Track outbound links with WordPress & Google Analytics

Tweet I’ve just set up a new plugin for tracking my outbound links with analytics. To help me test it, why not visit and find out “Does Google love you?“. Thanks everyone

WordPress sucks – but I still love it

Tweet Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, the guys over at Automatic are great. But seriously WordPress sucks, like really really sucks. I’ve posted before about why wordpress needs an auto-update feature, which btw would be easy to do. I’m now moaning because WordPress is really really crap at knowing things. See for a [...]

The day I said “I do”

Tweet It’s wasn’t today, it was tomorrow, 8 years ago. We stood in a fancy church in front of a fellow in white robes. She was beautiful, I was in Adidas tramping boots. It was a life time ago, it was yesterday. It’s been a happy time, it’s been a hard time, we’ve laughed, we’ve [...]

Apple Movie Trailers down?

Tweet I love, I could spend hours on this site checking out new movies coming up etc etc. In fact today at work I stole 10 mins to check out the trailer for KungFu Panda. I get home tonight and want to show the trailer to my wife. Well, the page is no more. [...]

Traffic & Success

Tweet Isn’t it funny the things we think are going to go great, don’t always. The things we throw together with little forethought often pan out better than we expect. Case in point, “Stop writing and increase your traffic“, a post I threw together in minutes while waiting for a mate to pick me up [...]

Stop writing and increase site traffic

Tweet I thought I would try something. I’ve written quite a bit (well okay a little bit) on the site and was busy trying to promote a new post from the site each day. So I stopped, for a few days and guess what. My site traffic went up and looks to be stabilizing around [...]

It’s all in the title

Tweet I’m about to break one of my rules with this post but here goes. Once you have planned your blog, and started your blog you need to really think about the things you are going to write. Actually you’ve probably already done that so lets look at something you are probably overlooking. It’s all [...]

how to …

Tweet how to make an icon, how to draw a car, how to create a flash website? These are all questions sitting in my traffic logs. Obviously Google thinks is a site that can help – and in the past that would have been true, back when Studiowhiz was well known in the Flash [...]

Beautiful CSS Websites

Tweet Vandelay Design have a great post today showcasing 25 beautiful website designs. I enjoy Vandelay’s blog as they have some great tips and tricks for WordPress and general website design. Today’s post is a great one for stirring up the inspiration. » 25 Beautiful, Minimalistic Website Designs – Part 2 on Vandelay Design

Apple MacBook Air – bah whatever

Tweet If you hadn’t heard Apple are running their MacWorld conference at the moment. This is the ‘holy of holy’ events for any true Mac aficionado. At these events Steve Jobs has a keynote speech in which he reveals the direction for Apple in the coming year – oh and he throws out any new [...]

Starting your blog

Tweet It’s become a very easy process these days to start a blog. There are a number of services that can give you a free blog within minutes – however these are not always the best solutions. Now that you have completed the planning of your blog you will have a firm understanding of what [...]

Free traffic: What your web designer didn’t tell you!

Tweet You walk into a meeting with your web designer (marketing/advertising agency) and ask them to help you drive traffic to your site. They reply “There is no such thing as a free lunch traffic” I’m here to tell you there is such a thing as free traffic and here are 5 easy steps you [...]