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Archive: February, 2008

Truth & Lies: donations online

Tweet We’re a cynical bunch aren’t we. If TV & Movies desensitize us to violence then the internet desensitizes us to charity & needs. I’ve had a couple of things happening recently that have highlighted the issues faced when wanting to or needing too raise funds online and just how hard it is becoming to [...]

Donation help

Tweet My very good friend who runs had a horrific weekend with his parents involved in a head on car crash. His mother has minor injuries (air bags help!!) but his dad suffered some bad injuries and is still in ICU (intensive care). Webhelp has set up a donations page on his blog & [...]

Special Prawn and Bacon Pasta

Tweet A simple recipe to enjoy on a lovely summer evening Chop onions, greenpepper, chilli, black pepper, salt (to your taste buds), fry in olive oil Grill bacon until well done, then add to base Cook up some el dente pasta (any type you want) Gently fry some prawns in olive oil , add garlic [...]

Interview with Dwayne Alexander

Tweet In the first of our interviews we took the time to send some questions to Dwayne Alexander the brains behind the new social network Live My Goals. Here is our interview with him. [Studiowhiz] Live My Goals is very new – still in beta right? So why don’t you start off by giving us [...]

I’m a famous Photographer

Tweet Like my writing (see last post) I don’t make any claims about being a great photographer. Heck the only camera I use at the moment is a 4 year old Sony point and shoot digital. However I’ve enjoyed a little fame for some of my shots. My latest one came after a trip with [...]

Write your way to increasing traffic

Tweet I’ve mentioned before that when you want to run a blog & bring in great levels of traffic you have to devote a lot of time to sculpting the content of your blog/website. One of my issues is that I’m not a professional writer, I make no claims to being a good writer – [...]

Oh … pooh

Tweet Wow, no wonder I’m having a little trouble growing traffic. Oh well there is only one way to go from here – that is UP. So if you have a blog, a site, anything – why not point a link at and help me get back into Google. Yes I have requested a [...]

Software Design Patterns

Tweet I’ve been around the software development industry for around 15 years now. Because I am mainly self taught and now I’ve moved more into management roles I quickly forget all correct terms & jargon. This morning I found a great resource that gives 101 Design Patterns & Tips and provides a great place to [...]

So … it’s a challenge you want?

Tweet So, Mr Webhelp, it’s a challenge you want is it? A post titled “StumbleUpon – 99 friends and growing” was published today, not to mention the fact someone was gloating today. Of course I’ve been on StumbleUpon longer although I only have 20 friends. Here I have laying down the gauntlet for you Mr [...]

Site traffic increasing – not always good

Tweet It seems today that websites are in a battle to get more and more traffic. I wonder sometimes if people get the message wrong? I mean really is that all it’s about? Of course traffic increases are fantastic and make a direct impact to any revenue a site, either through the online advertising, the [...]