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Archive: March, 2008

Update to

Tweet Well, it looks like WordPress 2.5 is out. I’ll be looking to update around here, however I have to make sure things keep working ey! This is why there haven’t been too many posts just now. Trying to sort out a few things before we look to update.

Interview with Mark O’Donnell

Tweet Studiowhiz Hi there Mark, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me today. Everyone, this is Mark O’Donnell, New Zealand’s number one Sales Promotion guru. He’s just relaunched his promotional site Mark, as a quick intro why don’t you summarise Sales Promotion for those new to the world of marketing? [...]

Studiowhiz Wallpaper

Tweet I thought it was high time that I got back into some photoshop work. Now I’m not a photoshop guru like some of my mates, but I can tinker around in it. I’m leaning on right now to bring my skills back up. Here is an image I created for and I’ve [...]

email: clean up

Tweet One lesson I think more companies could afford to learn is that of maintaining a clean communications database. A companies communication database is it’s lifeblood of customer relations. It is the source of all growth opportunities for any business.

AdSense: no cents

Tweet Well I put Google AdSense back on the site … and since Oct 2007 I’ve made a grand total of … wait for it … wait .. – trust me it’s worth it – Waitttt….

7 Habits of highly effective websites

Tweet Steven Covey wrote a revolutionary book that has changed many peoples view on life when he penned “7 Habits of highly effective people.” I’m no Steven Covey (although I have been known to write, speak and publish books), but I thought I’d put together what I consider to be 7 Habits of highly effective [...]

Concept Art – visual diary – entry 2

Tweet So you’ve seen those amazing images in my previous diary entry from some of the industry giants and you might have thought as I did, “how on Earth do I learn to produce artwork like that?” The answer wasn’t written in the sky for me nor handed on a silver platter, I had to [...]