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Archive: May, 2008

Free 2.0GB DropBox accounts

Tweet Carrying on in the trend of giving out some beta invites I was this morning granted some invites for dropbox. DropBox is an online storage system that integrates with your desktop. I have installed it on my Mac, and It’s simply shows up as an extra directory for me. With 2.0 GB of space [...]

I need Friends – help please

Tweet A while back now I issued a challenge to my mate at – who I consider to be New Zealand’s top Search Engine Optimisation expert – to race to 250 contacts between LinkedIn an StumbleUpon. I figured it was about time for an update Me: LinkedIn: 142 StumbleUpon: 42 WebHelp: LinkedIn: 68 StumbleUpon: [...]

BrightKite Invites – you keen?

Tweet Following on in the tradition of giving out invites. I was recently invited to Brightkite – a new online service, sort of in the same vein as Twitter. While Twitter is all about what are you doing, Brightkite is about where are you. Brightkite has the ability of course to integrate with Twitter, and [...]

Free Photoshop eBook

Tweet Those crazy folks over at have released a new Photoshop book, a book I’ve heard positive things about. Okay you say, that’s nothing new, Sitepoint relese books often. Ah yes they do, but this one is FREE … as in nadda, zip, nothing. So why don’t you head over to & download [...]

Evernote invites …

Tweet Evernote is an interesting concept. You pass notes, images etc to Evernote and their very clever system will store them, helping you to remember everything and anything. The great thing about Evernote, is the fact that it can read and index your images. I’ll give you an example. I had a brochure that I [...]

Recession? Spend more on advertising

Tweet Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, you’ll find most western countries are not facing recession. The United States – if looked at from a purely business point of view is bankrupt, New Zealand can’t be far behind. For those in business today are finding it very hard to get by. The only business [...]

Getting the message right

Tweet So you are ready to create a email campaign and like any good company you target it around an event on the calendar – eg: mothers day. It’s important to read the message, heck get LOTS of other people to read it and make sure it is correct. I opened my email just now [...]

New Look, new posts

Tweet Right, I got sick of the old look not working right – lazy developer I am, couldn’t be bothered fixing it. So when I updated to Word Press 1.5 and took the opportunity to dump this new template onto the site. Now I screwed up when I did the update and lost all my [...]

Back on Deck

Tweet Right, time to get back on deck and write again. You will see a change or two here in the next couple of days as I get myself back on board & writing again. Juggling time is always an issue – but i need to push through and keep going.