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Archive: September, 2008

The iPhone – improvements needed?

Tweet I like my iPhone, really I do. I’ve had a number of phones in the past few years, some called phones, some called smart phones. None though have really captured my attention (nor yours) as much as the iPhone. So, as I mentioned I do rather like my iPhone, however there are somethings that [...] – behind the logic

Tweet So yesterday I had an interesting day. It started out with a Tweet and email from Guy Kawasaki introducing his new website. Now strictly speaking is not new, it has existed as a collection of topics like for a while now. So what was Guy on about? Well the team behind [...] behind the scenes

Tweet I’ve now owned the domain since 16 Jan 2001, that’s coming up almost 8 years already and the site has been through a number of ups & downs since then.  I actually started the site as before I could afford the real domain. Of course you’ll have noticed I couldn’t get StudioWorks, [...]

Skinning the iPhone 3G

Tweet Many of you will know that in August I was the lucky winner of a brand new Apple iPhone 3G, thanks to a green slimy,  “high tech” cleaner. I purchased some Cyber Clean and entered, explicity because of the competition. So, one of the first things I did was hunt around looking for a [...]

Changing the view

Tweet I’ve been working for a while on cleaning up the PowerPoint presentation that our sales teams use when presenting. Of course it’s littered with graphs about site traffic, demographics and much much more. Presentations have a habit of getting out of hand, and many people don’t know how to present in a consice understandable [...]

redesign goes live

Tweet Well after a few hours, some time in photoshop, html and css, I’m setting the new look live today. I can’t promise it’s 100% done yet, but it’s certainly a lot better than the default Word Press theme. I’ve taken styling cues from a handful of my favourite blogs & sites and have come [...]

Sneek Peek

Tweet A little taste of things to come here on studiowhiz – at least, a taste of what’s currently in photoshop Cleaner, more white space, easier to read, easier to follow (hopefully) less focus on  the usual crap, more focus on  … well … me, it is my blog afterall.

Time for a freshen up

Tweet Right, updated wordpress, dumped the themes and plugins (sorta meant to do it this time) so the site is temp. using the wordpress defaults. Over the next week, look for a new look coming here

Importance of + in email

Tweet So over the last handful of days I’ve had the opportunity to register for a few beta’s & alpha’s for applications coming out soon. This is something I love to do, sign up, try things out & sometimes talk about them. This goes back for me a long time when I used to formally [...]

Portable apps

Tweet I did something today I haven’t done for ages and now I feel dirty. Not only did I do it once I did it again and again. I downloaded windows software … Agggh. At church I am taking over the multimedia system which sadly is a PC (because they didn’t take my recommendation for [...]

Why email on the iphone sucks

Tweet The iPhone is a solid device, with many standout features that in my mind place ot above that of my old iMage windows mobile. However some things are well kist annoying. Take the email for example. I quite like the email although I can not use the exchange feature becuase we use a Zimbra [...]