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Archive: October, 2008

budurl – how & why

Tweet I’ve started using a URL shortening service called recently to enable me to quickly and easily add short URL’s to Twitter. But is more than that & I thought I’d show you a quick video taking a look at how & why I use budurl now. You’ll see I’m starting to use [...]

Reality Check – Guy Kawasaki

Tweet So I arrive home early today (wasn’t having the most productive day in the office – too much chatter, so came home to work). I walk in the door to see a yellow looking paper package on the range. I know it’s from the USA – thats the only country I get these yellow [...] – a chat with Spif

Tweet A while back I managed to score myself a beta pass to a brand new site called, as site/service that has saved my …. contacts, twice since I signed up. I took the opportunity this week to find out from founder Stefan (Spif) a little more about and the thinking behind it. [...]

Canned emails in Gmail

Tweet Gmail Labs keeps getting better and better. With new features being added here it’s a great way to keep the email landscape changing. One of their new items is “canned email” which is a great way to cut down on the repetitive nature of replying to bulk email. If you find yourself often writing the same [...]

The Challenge – Day 9

Tweet So it’s day 9 of my challenge to get myself fit and ready to swim the Auckland Harbour and I have to say I’m not sure how I’m doing.  It’s one thing to say I’m going to do the swim, it’s another thing to get yourself up early in the morning, to try and [...]

10 Best Web Links – Eva

Tweet It’s a bold claim “10 Best Web Links – Eva” but if you are reading this, then it worked. It got you here and I promise you won’t be disappointed because the links I’m about to share with you are … well … lets get on with it and let the links do the talking shall [...]

Downgrading Flash

Tweet Recently Adobe released the latest update to the flash player – something that was well overdue. However in doing so they have introduced new security features that means many sites do not work correctly with the Flash 10 player. I found myself wanting to upload images to my local auction site, and videos to [...]

Juxtaposer – chat with developer

Tweet A while back in one of my flickr groups I noticed someone asking for beta testers of a new iPhone app related to images. I love trying out new things (which might explain why I have to rebuild my computer more often than most) and I thought it sounded interesting. I sent off a [...]

Blog Action Day – just do something

Tweet So many many blogs (over 9,000) are now participating in Blog Action Day, a day of writing about and discussing Poverty in the world. We often think when you mention the word Poverty of … well of some far flung country that someone like Galdof or Bono talk about – it’s out of site, [...]

Blog Action Day Part II

Tweet So yesterday someone wrote a comment saying it would be better if we actually did something about poverty. I guess in a way after re-reading my post that it sounded like I wasn’t encouraging this. Yesterday was a post written from experience a post written to challenge the way we currently look at our [...]

The Challenge – Day 0

Tweet Today I begin, I have 33 days to get to the end. I wonder if I’ll make it, I know many who think I’m crazy – but even if I don’t at least I can say “I tried“. You are probably wondering what I’m on about eh? Well here in New Zealand we have [...]

Blog Action Day

Tweet So this year I’ve decided (along with over 7,700 other blogs) to join the Blog Action Day on the 15th of October. This is an opportunity for bloggers around the world to discuss and explore options for reducing or dare I say eradicating poverty from our world. Now I’m not 100% sure what I’m [...]

Web Awards – Mashable?

Tweet So I saw this morning that the guys over at Mashable are running their Open Web Awards again this year – which is great. It’s a wonderful thing for the web community & I think they did a fantastic job last year. This year they are opening up & allowing more blog partners to [...]

MobileMe – an alternative?

Tweet I’ve had my iPhone for a while now and my really enjoying it. It’s a great little device, that seems to work as expected most of the time. I was looking forward to it fully replacing my JasJam iMate and with the latest version of the OS having the phone at enterprise level got [...]