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Blog Action Day – just do something

Tweet So many many blogs (over 9,000) are now participating in Blog Action Day, a day of writing about and discussing Poverty in the world. We often think when you mention the word Poverty of … well of some far flung country that someone like Galdof or Bono talk about – it’s out of site, [...]

So many many blogs (over 9,000) are now participating in Blog Action Day, a day of writing about and discussing Poverty in the world. We often think when you mention the word Poverty of … well of some far flung country that someone like Galdof or Bono talk about – it’s out of site, out of mind.

I’m lucky enough (dpnding on how you look at it) in Auckland, New Zealand – a beautiful city with great harbours, sailing and on a day like today – it’s a great sunny place. But even here in this city we have a huge gap between those that have and those that don’t. From those who have a house to live in and those on the street.

See when poverty is thought about in the sense of a 3rd world country, it’s kinda nice and easy to package it up, donate to or World Vision or …. but when you remember it’s in your back yard, now you can do something about it.  We don’t hear much in New Zealand about those on the street – it’s easy to think that homeless is simply something for some large US or EU city. 

Auckland does have a large (and growing) homeless sector. Manukau City (part of greater Auckland) is full of kids (yes KIDS) living on the street, hungry for life, for food … for love.

A handful of weeks back the church I attend took their youth group out on a Wednesday night (a school night, Oh the Horror), to down town. The kids challenged us in the congregation to help – it was our job to gather some clothing, sleeping bags etc for them to then pass out. What a fantastic opportunity!! One night in these young peoples lives, gives them a glimpse and an opportunity to reach out. Sure they all went home to their showers and beds, but who knows what impact these type of evenings might have on them.

I remember one time visiting in Malaysia we were heading into Burger King for lunch and I felt a tap on my elbow. This young street kid looked up at me, big eyes – hunger written on his face. He was begging for money – and one thing we were told is you DO NOT give them money.  Sadly (and I’m not proud of this) I shook my head and continued into Burger King. The child left.

Racked with guilt I ran outside to look for him, I wanted to buy him lunch. It hadn’t been 2 minutes but he was gone. His face in my mind however is not. It haunts me to this day to think I was so stupid that I didn’t take his hand and bring him in for lunch – who cares what the “system says”. I want to cry as I write this – I felt and still feel like CRAP – because I let someone else tell me how to treat this precious child.

I’ve been back to Malaysia a few times since – I’ll be back again for christmas this year. I will be watching, looking for opportunities again & I am now exploring opportunities for the future (nearish I hope) to start a mission in Malaysia working with local government specifically focused at educating and helping these kids.

What about you?

It’s Blog Action Day, you (like me) may not be able to take action today, but you can take action. Next time your local church or group is working with your community to help those less fortunate - do something. next time you see someone on the street needing help - do something. Next time you …. just do something, anything – “a fire starts with a spark,  a waterfall with a single drop

Take action – just do something!


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Great post, I love that you shared an honest story with everyone based on personal experience. I hope you find your peace with yourself, God’s already forgiven you:)


Thanks, I do find personal experience helps to ground things for people. I have no problem admitting a short coming, knowing I’m doing what I can to improve – and I hope it encourages others.


Good reminder that poverty is everywhere….in faraway lands and in our own backyards.


Fantastic and honest post ..Well done to you! x


similar things have happened to me as well, where if i’d only acted sooner, i might have been able to help someone. :(

for my part, i turn to sites like freerice, kiva, and goodsearch, as ways to help alleviate poverty online.

saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it’s great that you’re participating. :)

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Thanks, I had been thinking most of the morning what could I possibly write about today. I have been waiting for this day since August and now it is here and what should I say that would contribute to ending poverty in our world.

I was reviewing the site to see how things were going for everyone and to see what was being posted. In no way was I considering to copy but just reviewing for curiosity when I came across your blog.

As I read through your blog I was inspired by your honesty and realized hey I have been there too, but basically forgot about what changed me until today. Not only has your honesty been inspiring but the content of your message was very moving.

It is important for you to forgive yourself and continue on with your life helping others when you can. If everyone in our world who could give a tiny fraction just think of the changes that our world would undergo. God Bless you and your efforts to do good in this world.

My blog post for today’s Blog Action for Poverty has been inspired by your post – thank you.

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Your idea of taking someone in and buying lunch for them–that’s great! Someone I know keeps a few restaurant gift cards on hand and hands them out to homeless people.

Thank you for participating in Blog Action Day and for reminding us that poverty is all around us.


Your honesty is humbling and heartfelt and I’m afraid many have listened to the wrong voices.

I am wandering around enjoying all the goodness of reading so many of the blogs posted for this unique unification. I found a young girl who had posted a simple idea that I also found moving. Whereas I lost her link, I carried on her message on my blog. It’s “The Girl Effect” …

feeling wiser now…


Hi, Do something for help the hungry people from Africa or India,
I created this blog about that subject: