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Archive: November, 2008

updating to WP 2.7 beta 3

Tweet Hey all, I’m about to update the site to wordpress 2.7 beta 3 – why? Because it’s just so much better for everyone. 2.7′s changes seem to be mainly from the backend, the admin system, which makes managing the site & content so much better. I highly recommend updating (provided you’re comfortable with beta [...]

Battle of the Twitter Clients

Tweet Twitter – very addictive, and not a complete waste of time (well not always anyway). Twitter by default as we know is a website which allows you to post comments in 140 characters or less. But websites are clumsy things and Twitter is probably one of the best known services that can be consumed [...]

The Results

Tweet Okay, well I’m back from the swim and sipping a lovely coffee before going and having a shower to clean up. It’s been a morning of lessons for me, and I have to say first up “I’m happy with my achievement – gutted, but happy”. I arrived at the start and realised the vast majority [...]

The Challenge

Tweet It’s 6am on a Sunday and I’m up … couldn’t sleep too much last night. You know how it is when you have something coming up that you are looking forward too, your brain keeps actively thinking about it all night long. I ran through my check list probably 100 times, I dreamt about [...]

Get cheap international flights

Tweet Have I got a tip for you today. This article is going to tell you how YOU can get really cheap (think 50% off retail) international flights. Locations like San Fran, LA, London, Vancouver, Beijing and many more. Air New Zealand’s Grab A Seat has teamed up with the guys I work for and [...]

4 Sale –

Tweet UPDATE 2: it’s a done deal. iPhone Source is now officially part of the Studiowhiz network – and what’s more, we are retaining Paul as a contributor (50% owner) & together we’ll drive this site forward.   UPDATE: great news – I’m in negotiation right now to bring iPhone Source into the Studiowhiz network [...]

Get more Twitter followers

Tweet Twitter, the complete and utter waste of time – or is it? Initially when Twitter first came on the scene I avoided it like the plague, it was nothing if not a way to stroke your ego and let everyone know what you are doing. Today however, I’m addicted. It lives on my phone, it lives [...]