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Archive: December, 2008

2009 it’s coming, ready or not!

Tweet It’s been said, “love what you do” and this is an adage well worth adhering too – especially in the online world. I’ve been doing what I do for coming up 14 years, that’s a long time. It’s easy to become jaded, it’s easy to become tired and cynical. You see another web 2.0 [...]

Making the most of your online time

Tweet Spending time online can be great, or it can be hard work. Tonight I’ve (oh yeah it’s night when I’m typing this out) had one of those hard nights.  See I’m currently the primary editor (read: writer, advertising manager, promotions manager, technical contact etc) on 3 sites and writer on another 2, plus the [...]

Making money online?

Tweet I’ve always wondered how possible it really is to make money online. Strange really considering that we are heading into 2009, marking my 15th year working in the online space. That’s right, for 15 years the internet has paid my salary, bought my cars, my house and my gadgets. Yet it’s only now that [...]