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Sure fire secret tips to drive up traffic

Tweet Traffic – websites live and breathe with it – without, well we might as well all pack up and go home. I’ve increased traffic to by .. well a ton recently. The past week has seen this site having over 70,000 unique visitors stop by. How do you do it? Well traditionally it’s [...]

Traffic – websites live and breathe with it – without, well we might as well all pack up and go home. I’ve increased traffic to by .. well a ton recently. The past week has seen this site having over 70,000 unique visitors stop by.

How do you do it? Well traditionally it’s hard to build up traffic and maintain it, however you can get spikes in traffic reasonably easily. What you do with that traffic is up to you, but here are my “Sure fire ways to drive up traffic to your site”.

1) Talk about Social Networks

Talk about social networking, typically talk about how to get more friends on Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon. These posts are big hitters as people love to brag “I have XXX number of friends”.

2) Tear apart a gadget

This one is a bit expensive – but will drive HUGE traffic to your site, that will stick around, at least long enough to view your pics. Tear apart a gadget. This of course is time sensitive, but if you are one of the first to have exploded views of the next iPhone on your website – you are guaranteed a traffic increase.

3) Top/Ultimate lists

The internet loves lists! Many of the top ranking posts on are lists. Pick popular (related to your site) topics and write some lists. Of course having some meat on your site is going to help in the long run – otherwise lists are useless. NOTE be original, find your OWN content to fill your lists. No one likes seeing the SAME fonts, the SAME Photoshop tutorials!

Oh and you want to make big lists, top 5, top 10 are okay but lists with 20+ really pull in the traffic. Lists in the 100′s – are pure GOLD in the sense of traffic. Think 101 ways to make you a sex guru or 103+ Photoshop Tutorials, maybe 99 ways to build your Twitter brand – all gold!

4) (nsfw) – Not Safe for Work

Any hot blooded male will tell you the (nsfw) tag on any link is like a bright red button – just begging to be clicked. At work or not, (nsfw) is a 99.9% sure fire way to get people to visit your site. Of course you need to balance this up against your site’s purpose and target audience. But hey, there is no denying it brings traffic.

5) Rising/Falling stars

Facebook’s young CEO Mark Zuckerburg, Twitter’s Ev Williams, Robert Scobble, Allen Stern (who?), Diddy, Bruce Willis – talk about people, talk about trends. It works for the tabloids, gossip rags. Heck Perez Hilton does nothing but talk about famous people – usually falling, ungracefully from fame. Many of the web2.0 stars have alerts set up to spot articles with their name/brand in them & many will link to these. These posts can bring in huge hits in short term traffic, but links from these folks to your article bring in LONG TAIL traffic (think $$ gold mine!!)

6) Secrets of …

Every one loves a secret – if I know something you don’t you want to know it! It’s like forbidden fruit, and it’s how many of these online “get rich quick” schemes work. I know how to make more money in a day than you do in a year – pay me $9.99 now and I’ll tell you. Okay so we are not doing that but you are reading my secret traffic tips right now. How about “102 Secret tips of Photoshop Legends” or maybe “100 Secret Fonts you never knew existed?”

7) Digg, Delicious & StumbleUpon

“Build it and they will come” – well maybe, but certainly not “write it and they will visit”. Sorry you are going to have to do SOME work to spread the love of your link a little. Learn about link sharing through StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious (not forgetting Reddit and others – go find them my pretties). These tools can be huge in helping you to drive up traffic to your site. Foster that by including easy links (buttons), and encourage link building, pinging and trackbacks. (Note: check out our bonus video to learn how to leverage DIGG for your site)

8) Sensationalize – hype, extend

Another tip from the gossip rags – sensationalize. “I had Mark Zuckerburg’s Baby” – is going to probably grab some attention. Tabolids have been over hyping and preying on our nature to believe the extraordinary – so leverage that. Don’t do it all the time, and don’t over do it – but write carefully thought out titles. This is also known as Link Baiting – but hey, it works. Again what you do with the traffic is up to you & sometimes this isn’t traffic you want. But in the end the numbers don’t lie – if you need to make a splash, sensationalize: Instead of “Unaltered Britney Spears Photos” how about ” Britney Spears nude photos” – you then go on to explain the photos are nude, as they have no photoshop work done to them, not the … well you get the idea.


I could go on and on, but that wouldn’t leave room for me to share one last secret – “REVISITS” eg: “Secret Traffic Generation Tips – Revisited”.

Feel free to share your tips in the comments – remember this is a DO FOLLOW site, so feel free to link to your OWN list of Traffic Generating Secrets as part of your comment (just don’t spam)!

Here’s a great video showing how to leverage DIGG for your site:

Best Practices in Social Media Integration for Web Publishers and Content Providers (Web 2.0 Expo – Bob Buch, Digg) from Steffan Antonas on Vimeo.


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good post and congrats on the traffic – you will pass me any day now

my goal with the majority of my posts is to get people to think – maybe learn something new but most importantly think


Nah I think I’ve a LONG way to go before I catch the CN site – I love Center Networks for exactly that reason – your content is in depth, revealing and informative. My content .. well it’s my blog so it’s what interests me. Some stuff is experimental and some like this post is a bit more about learning and sharing that knowledge.

I could probably write big sensational content every week and hit HUGE numbers of traffic – but whats the point? I want to transition some of this HIT & RUN traffic into long stay (like your site gets) that becomes more of a community. Hence my opening line “What YOU do with this traffic is up to you” Perez Hilton is happy with HIT & RUN, I want to build something more than that.


I’ve seriously thought about going the NSFW route. A few times I’ve let some posts slip that were more than likely nsfw, they got the highest hits. Only my rants about something asinine have brought more attention to the site.

So. Perhaps I should rant about being nsfw and blow up a gadget while giving away another as the end-all/say-all post of my career. Hmmmm…


Yeah, it is interesting to see what things do drive the traffic. Sometimes the things you expect to, don’t and the things you don’t expect to, do.

Let me know when you blow something up … I want to see that :D

[...] Learn the secrets of driving traffic to your website on [...]


Awesome article. Its nice to see some definite suggetion instead of the generic stuff every wannabe guru posts these days.

I just love the “hotblooded” tip :-) But it is true! This behaviour is what made the internet to what it is today (size-wise too, not only garbage-wise :-) ).
Now.. How can I link my “internet marketing” blog with an (nsfw) tag…


Great article. I’ve bookmarked and will work it. Hmmmmm, “(nsfw)” never heard that before.

Actually, Passionate for Life isn’t quite that rating…I don’t think… ;)