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Tweet I know I know it’s been a little while since I actually blogged here – yeah I write things from time to time but what am I writing? What am I doing here? Goals, Targets and Celebrations If you want something in life, most people will tell you “set a goal” have a target, [...]

I know I know it’s been a little while since I actually blogged here – yeah I write things from time to time but what am I writing? What am I doing here?

Goals, Targets and Celebrations

If you want something in life, most people will tell you “set a goal” have a target, reach it, celebrate it and move onto the next one. I’ve had little goals and things for this blog and recently I hit one, 100,000 unique visitors in one month.

Right, so, did that … now what? Well I guess doing it again would be cool, and again and again – but to do it the first time I used a trick, Link Baiting. What’s the purpose? Well the purpose of Link Baiting is quite literally bait people to bring them to your site. But if the site has nothing of value for them, then they split.

I’ve been evaluating somethings not just in the blog but in life.

Build me a website – I’ll pay you

Why is the world so focused on money? Why do people keep coming to me saying “build me a website, I’ll pay you”

Let me say one thing up front: just because I can build you a website doesn’t mean I want to, just because you can pay, doesn’t mean you can afford me.

See my focus has changed lately – sure I have bills to pay, mortgage to cover and really could do with extra cash for a new car, new toys etc. But I’ve had a change of heart lately – it’s called becoming a Dad. If I’m going to spend time in front of the computer away from my girl, it’ll be on my terms.

You still want me to build you a web site – well it’s going to cost you, like REALLY cost you!
If I’m going to spend time in front of the computer away from my girl, I’d rather it be for personal projects that MAY turn into something … I don’t want your extra stress or moaning about this pixel or that pixel.

So let me say this: take your offer of a website that you can pay for and give it to someone who cares – I don’t.

Life, church, God and all that ….

For many years I’ve separated who I am from what I believe. Why – because people say “oh you are a christian … one of those church people – you are ……” and the proceed to judge you, put you in a box and assume you are like every other christian they’ve met – or read about in the media.

Well excuse me but screw that – so for that reason I’ve put my faith over here, and lived life over there … but you know what, I’m slowly bringing the two together, because you know what, you can’t separate your true faith from yourself, not if you want to life as Jesus truly did.

As for the judging – fine judge me, I’m not perfect, I still swear too much, lie some times and do things that … well I shouldn’t. Unlike some “christians” some of my best friends are lesbian, gay, alcoholics, car guys, druggies ….. and who cares. I don’t go around to them saying “Oh we christians hate you” … no I simply am a friend to them, just as they are to me & I love them.

Sure, I might loose some twitter followers, this blog might drop in traffic … who cares.

I feel a lot more free now to explore things, to see where life takes me. Because my nights are not taken up with silly web projects to earn an extra $$ (and pay more taxes) I’m free to explore music, try things I’ve been to scared to do before.

For example, I’m playing bass at church on Sunday – 200 to 300 people will be there and I’m playing Bass. Not because I’m a great bassist, I mucked around on my brothers bass as a kid, I know the basics, but I’ve NEVER played in public, heck I’ve not picked up a bass in over 10 years – yet I’m giving it a shot. At practice on Thursday I was asking myself “what the hell are you doing?” – the answer, I’m living life!

I also am helping to lead some of the worship – that means signing in front of up to 300 people, and when you are someone who struggles with pitch, that can be really hard to do. Again why do this? Because I’m living life

Besides, if you can blog about sex, or racing your car or …. as part of your tech blog – then I can talk about God, or faith or .. yeah maybe I can even mention the J name without worry ….

Launching web projects

I’m a web nut, have been since early 1994 when I built my first web page … and I’m finally putting my online skills to use for the kingdom of God.

My little web project The Bible In A Year is right now in alpha testing and I’m working through the issues around copyright for distributing the bible, integrating with Twitter, Facebook and other services. It’s fun, it’s challenging and if I’m the only person that uses it .. fine. It’s nice for a change to work on a web project where the end goal is not to sell it to Google for $$$ (which seems to be why most web projects start these days).


If you are still reading – great, congrats. You reached the end.

What now? Well what are you doing in your life? Do you have balance? Are you happy – really happy with life? Are you laying a foundation for a future that you can build on? Maybe you are laying the foundation for a business, or like me, maybe you are just laying foundation for experience.

What ever it is, we make choices in our lives, and we have to live with these. Make your choices, life your life – Be ALL you can be, don’t live a life of “what if’s” ….

I wanted to build a blog that had 100,000 visitors in a month, done that.
I want to lead people in worship of the creator of the universe – okay need to learn to sing, right lets work on that ….

What’s your dream? What are you doing to bring it closer?


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Hey dude,

Was hoping to catch you in Auckland the other day.

I just wanted to say I thought this post was awesome.

Good for you for taking a stand, and not caring about what people think.

The rewards you will receive will far surpass anything money can buy.



Yeah was hoping to catch you too … but I took the day off to spend with my little one. Spent the day doing things like Story Time at the library, shopping for new winter boots and reading books. Great way to recharge the batteries and spend time doing what’s important!

Thanks for the comments on the post …. it’s been very well received so far


Hey Keran!
Remember me? ‘micr0chip’ from the old Studiowhiz forum days! I must admit, it’s been a while since I visited this place, and
boy, it sure has changed – a lot. But I guess that’s just what happens as time goes by. To be totally honest, I haven’t played with Flash for ages! Definitely not a change I would have seen coming a few years ago (wow, has it really been that long?)

Don’t know why, but I suddenly just remembered this place and wanted to check how things were going. So CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a dad! Must be a huge change all of a sudden. It’s good to hear everything’s going well.

Anyway, was nice reading about the latest projects and developments. Hope things continue in the right direction!



Dude, of course I remember .. how could I forget :) Great to having you drop by!! Yeah this place has changed a TON .. he he and I too am not doing much of anything with Flash anymore.

You on twitter? Follow me @oo00_Mr_K_00oo … being a Dad is great, hard to believe little one is racing up on 2 already!


Hahah, well you never know. It has been ages though. Something like what, 3 years? 4?

I’ve not really looked into twitter yet, but as I’m procrastinating for exams, I might just give it a try :)


K… can you build me a website….


I did already Chook .. you are a dezigngr rigts? I finks itz hot site, good it be for you – business get you does


He he .. twitter can be great, can be noise – depends on .. well who you follow :) Exams ey … gosh it’s amazing catching up with people from Swhiz. I’ve “watched” so many friends graduate school, Uni and get jobs, get married, have kids etc … wow!!


ARRRRGGHHH!! I can feel the burn on my retinas!