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Archive: October, 2009

11 Awesome business tools you’ve never heard of

11 tools to help reshape how you do business online today

links for 2009-10-20

Tweet Icon,PNG, HQ Photo, Vectors, PSD Template | Resources Vision Widget Great collection of free resources for logo design and more (tags: photoshop logos icons vector resources)

Google Wave – what now?

Tweet So I’ve been fortunate (?) enough to be part of the Google Wave roll out and I’ve spent some time playing with it. This isn’t going to be a long post there are enough other posts for that on the web – you can find some of them here: Google Wave – Full of [...]

links for 2009-10-07

Tweet Using Elgato eyeTV in New Zealand I recently bought an eyeTV unit and there really wasn't much reassurance that this would actually work in New Zealand. This blog post runs through most things you'll run into and let you know that YES you can run eyeTV in NZ (tags: eyetv elgato television tv DTT [...]

Notepods – iPhone design essential

Tweet So, you know .. the iPhone, it’s that fancy thing all them new kids have in their pockets. (he he he .. okay I have one too).  Well anyway .. it’s great, awesome in fact. But there’s something new on the block, that’s like the iPhone but never runs out of battery, the screen [...]

Elgato eyeTV in New Zealand

Tweet The world is moving, analog TV is on it’s death bed and digital TV is streaming into the world at faster speeds, higher rates, better quality. At home we have a dodgy 21″ CRT tv we bought brand new for $250 – yeap big spenders. It’s not ready for the digital world – sadly [...]