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Archive: January, 2010

YouTube – the death of Flash

Tweet Following on from my post about the iPad & while I’ve time to write … There are a number of posts around at the moment talking about the ‘death of flash‘ many that have come out in the past 48 hours (like this one) talk about how Apple will be the death of Flash. [...]

The iPad & Why you are probably NOT the target audience

Tweet Unless you were in some time vortex over the past 36 hours you no doubt know that Apple released the iPad, a 3:4 screen with basic computer features. This iPad launched with the usual hype of Apple product launches, and of course  every Apple gear head and iPhone user thought “oh wow” and then “oh stink” [...]

How I slashed 10 years off my mortgage

Tweet Mortgages – something most “grown-ups” have these days. Big heavy things that rest around your neck for 20, 30 or 40 odd years. I’ve even heard of some UK based mortgage companies allowing people to take on mortgages to be passed onto their kids. Mortgages – the evil (?) that allow us to buy [...]

Challenges in life

Tweet Life’s one of those funny things, when you are in the middle of it there is always lots going on. When you look back, you wonder – what did I really do? What have I achieved? Of course the start of a new year is often prime time for thinking about these sorts of things. [...]