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Archive: February, 2010

How to deactivate Google Buzz

Tweet Hot on the heels of my post on How to activate Google Buzz I bring you a quick post on how to deactivate Google Buzz. You might have noticed there is a lot of noise in Google Buzz and people are now wondering how to clean up the Google Buzz in their Gmail Inbox. [...]

Stupidity reigns

Tweet I’m going to get flamed for this, but okay … !! I just read a tweet from two of the more respected “guru’s” of the ‘open web’ – Chris Saad and Chris Messina RT @chrismessina: Someday asking for a site’s API will be like asking which email protocol someone uses. Interoperability FTW! well .. [...]

How to activate Google Buzz

Tweet Google Buzz, it’s all the buzz right now and as we know Google are rolling this out to all accounts as they can. There is however a quick way to get Google Buzz into your account. It all revolves around your Google Profile. Don’t have one? You’ll need one, and you need to ensure [...]