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The curse of blogging

Blogging is not as easy as one might assume, what is it that makes a blog successful?

The thing with blogging that any blogger will tell you is … write, write, write, write. Pick a topic you know about and write about it, the more unique or niche that topic the more likely you’ll find an audience.

Of course if there is an audience, then chances are you’ll have competition – and this is where I find myself. When I started as a forum site years ago (early 2001) there were not that many resource sites around and there was a nature of sharing tips & ideas between designers and developers.

Now no longer a community, is just my blog – and I’m a no body. I’m not a Chris Spooner, Snook, Robert Scoble, Molly or … well anybody. Sure I’ve played on that stage, been invited to write books, speak at conferences – but that’s a life I’ve left behind, especially now that I don’t actively develop, code or design anymore.

So what is now? It’s just another blog, another tier of noise, a site that has my 2 cents added to the millions of other sites in this tech genre. I could easily real off names of some great sites, SmashingMagazine, Nopue, tutsPlus Network, and many MANY more, that do a far better job targeting their audience than I do.

So what to do?

So what to do now? This is a question going through my head a lot lately, I can’t complete .. I don’t have the time, energy or gumption to compete with these – yet I’d still like to generate some (meager) funds from the site. Studiowhiz is my “toy” fund, a fund that right now is VERY very light. I can’t even buy and iPad right now – let alone being able to replace my aging iPhone when the iPhone 4.0 comes out.

Have a little faith

So of you will know that I grew up in “the church” – a term I’m not overly comfortable with (that’s because of the box you just put me in – yes you & you know it). So anyway, I’ve never really stood up and said “Hey, I believe in Jesus Christ”, I’ve never really put that out there – till this year. Too scared of what you’ll say – oh well what ever. You’ll read or not – that’s up to you.

And that’s what I’ve been thinking about in light of this blog … I’m going to start writing blog posts, reviews and commentary on the use of Media & the Web in the church of today.

It’s church Jim, but not as we know it

The church is a rapidly changing place – for the better. The emerging church sees people getting back to the reality of faith in Jesus Christ – screw the “traditions” of faith, lets get back to loving & helping PEOPLE. And to that end I want to explore how churches can use MEDIA in their ministries …

So that’s it for now …. more to come REALLY soon