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Great resources for churches online

Fantastic collection of resources for people involved in God’s ministry online, from web designers, creative techs and pastors – there is something here for you.

I should be at church – not writing a blog post about resources for churches, but I’m sick, so am “resting” today. Hmm maybe I should be curled up in bed .. oh well. I wanted to share some fantastic resources I found online. It’s by no means exhaustive – there are so many great resources out there. This is just a list of some of the ones I visit & use.

Web Resources:

Mister Nifty

Mister Nifty is a blog site by Brian Fegter, dedicated to finding great resources for churches – he has some really great stuff on there, and share advice and tips for getting more tech for your buck.
Some recommended posts

» Visit


Zoecity can be classified as a digg clone. It’s a place to find other resources. According to their about page:

Zoecity is a place to discover everything that is happening right now in the Christian world that impacts you.

They sift through hundreds of christian posts and sites and put them up on the site every day.
» Check out


Technically Church Plant Media (Twitter: @myCPM) could be in the next section – but I’ve put it here because really it’s a resource. These guys specialise in the creation of church websites. They do all the heavy lifting & create some stunning work. Their setup prices are pretty darn good really (although if you are outside the USA remember they price in US$), their monthly fee is a little high – however they do take care of everything, so you are paying for peace of mind, something I’ll gladly support! If you need a site & don’t have web people in your church – then these guys are a good choice. I love their design & their code is all very solid.
» Church Plant Media – for building your church website

Mobile Salt

Once you have your church site you are going to need a mobile version and this is where MobileSalt comes to play. These guys specliaise in creating a mobile ready version of your church website WITH all the features you’d expect. So those people in your congregation with iPhones, Android etc can keep in touch easily on the road – a great way to share your sermons etc.
» for your church mobile needs

Church Media Design

Okay I’ll say it, I love Brad (Twitter: @cmdtv) over at CMD – what else could I say? This guy has dedicated time, resources and money to creating free media, updating resources on his blog and publishing a video podcast encouraging and sharing tips to help you get more out of your church media. This is a fantastic site for great motion backgrounds, along with inspirational looks at what others are doing, and Brad’s own tips. It’s seeing Brad’s work that makes me wish I wast 10 years younger and had time to learn AfterEffects.

Recommended links:

» Get inspired at Church Media Design


Okay it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that (Twitter: @churchcrunch) is a Techcrunch clone – but hey that’s okay. The site is dedicated to sharing happenings in the christian tech scene, specifically tailored towards churches and the technology that is now available for churches. It’s great to see people encouraging and sharing the resources that can be used today for churches. They also have some great behind the scenes type posts to help you understand how ‘others’ are doing ‘it’ – for example:

» Learn more and empower your ministry at

Pastor/Church Plant resources


A site from the team of Rick Warren (Twitter: @RickWarren) called (Twitter: @RWToolbox) is set up specifically to share tips, resources and thoughts to encourage & equip pastors and ministry leaders. However that doesn’t mean the likes of you and me can’t learn. There are a ton of really good posts and resources here. I could spend many hours just absorbing the content on this site & the impact it can have in your life as you dig deeper into relationship with God … there really is some great stuff here.

Definitely check out:

» More tools from RickWarren and the team at

The Well

The Well (Twitter: @thewelltv) is the ministry of a church in Orlando, with the mission to share great teaching, resources and content online. Technically not a church resource, but rather a source to encourage you, your team and your congregation.
» Drink from the Well


The Acts 29 Network (Twitter: @acts29News) is a team dedicated to helping those who are planting churches. This website & ministry is set up to train and equip those who are trying to reach out and start a new church. Starting a new church can be very hard, and having the support and backing of the likes of Acts 29 can help you through this times when you have questions and no one to turn too.
» More on the Acts 29 Network

LifeChurch – Resources

No list could be considered without adding (Twitter: @lifechurchtv) to it. LifeChurch have to be considered one of the leading churches embracing technology as a tool for the sharing of God’s kingdom. They really do some pretty great stuff & they have a ton of solid resources .. I’ll let the resources talk for them:

» check out Resources

Social Church resources:


Communication is something new technology makes easier – although it can be complicated. (Twitter: @sochurch) plans to change that. I say plans, because it’s still very much hidden. Reading the team page shows you that SoChurch is powered by a Who’s Who of web & tech nuts in the online community and I’m really excited about SoChurch and how it will empower churches to communicate in the very near future. I’m signed up to find out more and can’t wait to start exploring this.
» SoChurch making communication easier


Another ‘alpha/beta’ solution that is yet to go public that I’m hugely excited about is Table Project (Twitter: @tableproject). I actually know LESS about this than I do about sochurch – but my understanding is it’s an online tool to help churches and their small groups. I found out about Table Project when Josh Lewis (@joshlewis) joined as lead designer (or creative, or web nut or .. something like that) Update: Josh corrected me, he’s Lead Web Developer!. They’ve been super secret with what’s going on – but again, I can’t wait to learn more and see how this team can help churches build stronger small groups which in turn help small grous do what they do best – encouraging each of us into a deeper relationship with God!
» Sign up at for more


I’m hugely encouraged to see more and more ministries sharing and helping others. It’s wonderful to see the family of Christ from around the world encouraging each other, using the tools & skills God has blessed them with to empower His kingdom and share the love and desire for relationship that God has for each and everyone one of us.

May God bless you, your church and the spreading of His gracious love to all.


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Love your post. We use a lot of the same resources. Thanks for the mention!


Thanks Ben, there are so many great resources out there ey. I’m already thinking I’m going to have to do more posts like this :)