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100 Prayers

Teaching young kids the value of prayer is fundamentally important to life. Knowing that God isn’t some far off “being”, instead He’s a loving God who desires to know you personally – that is the foundation of following Christ.

As the parent of an almost 3 year old, we are keen to foster in her a seeking heart, a heart that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is all, He is I AM.

Ever since we knew we were expecting we’ve quietly looked at different books we could include in life that weren’t preachy, but reflected a natural life of including God in the centre of what you do. We found Stephen Elkins great drawings and he has a bunch of great books for young (& young at heart).

When I joined the Book Sneeze program the first book offered to me for review was this 100 Prayers God Loves to Hear, 100 Praise Songs. It was a pleasant surprise to find it was a Stephen Elkins book. When the book arrived our little one eagerly ripped into the package and squealed with delight when she saw not 1 but 2 CD’s of music. As I type this she’s dancing round in circles to the CD in the computer.

The book has many well-known prayers, graces and little stories sprinkled through it. It’s easy to sit and share the book with her. I was a little disappointed that the CD’s don’t reflect the prayers – instead they are simply 100 praise songs that have been matched to a prayer. Still the music is fun and little one loves to listen and flick through the book.

We are slowly introducing more of these prayers into our everyday life with the little one, encouraging her to explore what it means to have a relationship with a God who wants to know you.

If you have a little one, I recommend this – or any of the Stephen Elkins books.