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Lets see here, Wednesday saw us have over 500 unique visitors, so if we apply some math 30 days in a month x 500 unique visitors = 15,000 unique visitors a month. WOOT! Oh .. wait, you don’t work it out like that do you *sigh*

Hey look I’ll be honest. Studiowhiz is my blog & Google Analytics tells me that this week (Monday through Friday) has had 6,000 unique visitors – what’s it worth to you get put your brand in front of them? I’m working hard at driving up traffic to consistantly highly levels .. in the mean time you can get in early & advertise to our audience for cheap.

$10 a month – 125×125 spot

For $10 (USD) a month you get one 125×125 spot on – this is a site wide spot, top right of every single page. For the next few months there will only be 4 adverts in rotation, so you’ll always have ONE of the spots :)

So, try us out, see how things go, slip us a tenner, and we’ll sort ya out! Simply fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you asap.