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HTML5 – the confusion of the web

Tweet I’ve been in the online industry for over 17 years, during much of that time I’ve been a ‘hack’ developer. I recall my earliest days of HTML, which I chose to learn after refusing to learn HyperCard – something about HTML felt so right. I’ve always felt HTML had more potential than we ever [...]

Timer Remote for Sony a55 (intervalometer)

Tweet I bought a Sony a55 a while back and really couldn’t be happier. It’s a great camera and I’m taking some great shots with it. You can check out some of my shots here on flickr or But one thing bugged me – I can’t tether it to my laptop to do remote [...]

How to pick a church wordpress theme

Tweet So you need to create a new site for your church & you are wondering where to go? I’m going to go out on a limb and say chances are WordPress is going to give you all you need. Here’s some resources that might help you get up to speed: A gallery of churches [...]

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Stop Motion & Time Lapse

Your camera can do so much more than simply take static shots … what happens when you take a moment, and shoot multiple static shots of a slowly moving subject? Mr K explores Stop Motion & Time Lapse photography

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Some jQuery basics

I’ve been playing more and more with jQuery and remember some of the early things that tripped me up, so I thought I’d share a few simple jQuery things with you.

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CSS Analog Clock – your turn

Is it possible to create an entire animate analog clock using nothing but CSS (& a little jQuery to simply update the CSS?) … lets take a look and find out

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Google Maps V3 – distanceFrom()

Google Maps API v3 is awesome, but missing some of key functions that were in Google Maps API v2 that made it super easy to do some things. This post shows you how to quickly add that missing functionality back in.

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Topgun quadracentifiable seo challenge

Does New Zealand need and SEO challange? Is quadracentifiable the word to change the face of NZ SEO forever?

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100 Prayers

Teaching young kids the value of prayer is fundamentally important to life. Knowing that God isn’t some far off “being”, instead He’s a loving God who desires to know you personally – that is the foundation of following Christ.

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WordPress for worship teams

Keep your worship team organised with an online collection of music, song sheets, MP3′s, lyrics and much more. Using Wordpress can streamline and simplify the ordeal of organising music for a Sunday morning worship service.

Stupidity reigns

Tweet I’m going to get flamed for this, but okay … !! I just read a tweet from two of the more respected “guru’s” of the ‘open web’ – Chris Saad and Chris Messina RT @chrismessina: Someday asking for a site’s API will be like asking which email protocol someone uses. Interoperability FTW! well .. [...]

How to activate Google Buzz

Tweet Google Buzz, it’s all the buzz right now and as we know Google are rolling this out to all accounts as they can. There is however a quick way to get Google Buzz into your account. It all revolves around your Google Profile. Don’t have one? You’ll need one, and you need to ensure [...]

The iPad & Why you are probably NOT the target audience

Tweet Unless you were in some time vortex over the past 36 hours you no doubt know that Apple released the iPad, a 3:4 screen with basic computer features. This iPad launched with the usual hype of Apple product launches, and of course  every Apple gear head and iPhone user thought “oh wow” and then “oh stink” [...]

How I slashed 10 years off my mortgage

Tweet Mortgages – something most “grown-ups” have these days. Big heavy things that rest around your neck for 20, 30 or 40 odd years. I’ve even heard of some UK based mortgage companies allowing people to take on mortgages to be passed onto their kids. Mortgages – the evil (?) that allow us to buy [...]

Challenges in life

Tweet Life’s one of those funny things, when you are in the middle of it there is always lots going on. When you look back, you wonder – what did I really do? What have I achieved? Of course the start of a new year is often prime time for thinking about these sorts of things. [...]