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Quick WordPress Conflict Tip

A quick tip that might just help resolve conflicts between different plugins that you use on Wordpress.

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Great resources for churches online

Fantastic collection of resources for people involved in God’s ministry online, from web designers, creative techs and pastors – there is something here for you.

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5 plugins for WordPress you might have missed

Wordpress is fantastic, albeit naked on it’s own – here are 5 plugins to lift your install to the next level

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35 FREE fonts for worship & sermons

35 great fonts that you can use to simplify the display of lyrics during worship. Make it easier and simpler for your congregation to enjoy worship, remove the distractions, keep it simple.

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10 awesome wordpress themes for churches

Churches have specific needs for their websites, to feature upcoming events, keep members up-to-date and let new visitors know where they are. Many are now podcasting & sharing sermons and other media. This collection of Wordpress themes help churches get online fast.

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The curse of blogging

Blogging is not as easy as one might assume, what is it that makes a blog successful?

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StickyBits – barcode scanning

Tweet Mobile barcodes are quickly gaining momentum – they’ve been around for years, I’ve tinkered with 2D and MS Colour Tags for years. It’s really only been in the past 3 or so months here in NZ that 2D barcodes are starting to gain movement. Of course in the USA we have Google rolling out [...]

How to deactivate Google Buzz

Tweet Hot on the heels of my post on How to activate Google Buzz I bring you a quick post on how to deactivate Google Buzz. You might have noticed there is a lot of noise in Google Buzz and people are now wondering how to clean up the Google Buzz in their Gmail Inbox. [...]

YouTube – the death of Flash

Tweet Following on from my post about the iPad & while I’ve time to write … There are a number of posts around at the moment talking about the ‘death of flash‘ many that have come out in the past 48 hours (like this one) talk about how Apple will be the death of Flash. [...]

32+ amazing free fonts for designers

32 Great fonts that are perfect for your next design gig

23 amazing modern fonts – http…

Tweet 23 amazing modern fonts – (Please Retweet)

23 amazing modern clean fonts

23 fonts that will set your design apart from all the rest

Free stunning flowing fonts ht…

Tweet Free stunning flowing fonts check them out!