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HTML5 – the confusion of the web

Tweet I’ve been in the online industry for over 17 years, during much of that time I’ve been a ‘hack’ developer. I recall my earliest days of HTML, which I chose to learn after refusing to learn HyperCard – something about HTML felt so right. I’ve always felt HTML had more potential than we ever [...]

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WordPress for worship teams

Keep your worship team organised with an online collection of music, song sheets, MP3′s, lyrics and much more. Using Wordpress can streamline and simplify the ordeal of organising music for a Sunday morning worship service.

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Quick WordPress Conflict Tip

A quick tip that might just help resolve conflicts between different plugins that you use on Wordpress.

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Great resources for churches online

Fantastic collection of resources for people involved in God’s ministry online, from web designers, creative techs and pastors – there is something here for you.

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5 plugins for WordPress you might have missed

Wordpress is fantastic, albeit naked on it’s own – here are 5 plugins to lift your install to the next level

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The curse of blogging

Blogging is not as easy as one might assume, what is it that makes a blog successful?

Sure fire secret tips to drive up traffic

Tweet Traffic – websites live and breathe with it – without, well we might as well all pack up and go home. I’ve increased traffic to by .. well a ton recently. The past week has seen this site having over 70,000 unique visitors stop by. How do you do it? Well traditionally it’s [...]

DoFollow – SEO?

Tweet A while back I read a post one some random blog about “DoFollow” which in a nut shell means that links in your blog comments have the <pre>rel=”nofollow”</pre> attribute removed from links. I thought it was a good idea but promptly forgot about it until my good mate at WebHelp blogged this morning about [...]

NZ Internet Blackout – links & more

Tweet Okay, okay .. so let me get this straight. There is some hoo haa about some law in some little country called New Zealand, that might stop some people from what now? .. Oh wait, maybe I should pay a bit more attention. Sections 92A and C of the amended Copyright Act establish a [...]

2009 a year of change

Tweet Yeah I know, you don’t have to tell me, it’s been very quiet around here. Very. It’s not that I don’t have things to say, it’s tricky finding time to balance things & Studiowhiz has suffered because of it. I thought I’d give you a heads up as to what’s going on. Recently I [...]

Get cheap international flights

Tweet Have I got a tip for you today. This article is going to tell you how YOU can get really cheap (think 50% off retail) international flights. Locations like San Fran, LA, London, Vancouver, Beijing and many more. Air New Zealand’s Grab A Seat has teamed up with the guys I work for and [...]

Get more Twitter followers

Tweet Twitter, the complete and utter waste of time – or is it? Initially when Twitter first came on the scene I avoided it like the plague, it was nothing if not a way to stroke your ego and let everyone know what you are doing. Today however, I’m addicted. It lives on my phone, it lives [...]

The Challenge – Day 9

Tweet So it’s day 9 of my challenge to get myself fit and ready to swim the Auckland Harbour and I have to say I’m not sure how I’m doing.  It’s one thing to say I’m going to do the swim, it’s another thing to get yourself up early in the morning, to try and [...]

Blog Action Day – just do something

Tweet So many many blogs (over 9,000) are now participating in Blog Action Day, a day of writing about and discussing Poverty in the world. We often think when you mention the word Poverty of … well of some far flung country that someone like Galdof or Bono talk about – it’s out of site, [...]

Blog Action Day Part II

Tweet So yesterday someone wrote a comment saying it would be better if we actually did something about poverty. I guess in a way after re-reading my post that it sounded like I wasn’t encouraging this. Yesterday was a post written from experience a post written to challenge the way we currently look at our [...]