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Stop Motion & Time Lapse

Your camera can do so much more than simply take static shots … what happens when you take a moment, and shoot multiple static shots of a slowly moving subject? Mr K explores Stop Motion & Time Lapse photography

10 Best Web Links – Eva

Tweet It’s a bold claim “10 Best Web Links – Eva” but if you are reading this, then it worked. It got you here and I promise you won’t be¬†disappointed¬†because the links I’m about to share with you are … well … lets get on with it and let the links do the talking shall [...]

Concept Art – visual diary – entry 2

Tweet So you’ve seen those amazing images in my previous diary entry from some of the industry giants and you might have thought as I did, “how on Earth do I learn to produce artwork like that?” The answer wasn’t written in the sky for me nor handed on a silver platter, I had to [...]