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Category: Inspiration

17 incredible nature photos

Tweet Nature, it’s all around us all the time and yet we are often moving through life at such a pace we completely and utterly miss what’s around us. From the city the mountains, garden to meadow here is a collection of truly incredible nature photos. Simply click the image to go through to the [...]

2009 it’s coming, ready or not!

Tweet It’s been said, “love what you do” and this is an adage well worth adhering too – especially in the online world. I’ve been doing what I do for coming up 14 years, that’s a long time. It’s easy to become jaded, it’s easy to become tired and cynical. You see another web 2.0 [...] – behind the logic

Tweet So yesterday I had an interesting day. It started out with a Tweet and email from Guy Kawasaki introducing his new website. Now strictly speaking is not new, it has existed as a collection of topics like for a while now. So what was Guy on about? Well the team behind [...]

Write your way to increasing traffic

Tweet I’ve mentioned before that when you want to run a blog & bring in great levels of traffic you have to devote a lot of time to sculpting the content of your blog/website. One of my issues is that I’m not a professional writer, I make no claims to being a good writer – [...]

Software Design Patterns

Tweet I’ve been around the software development industry for around 15 years now. Because I am mainly self taught and now I’ve moved more into management roles I quickly forget all correct terms & jargon. This morning I found a great resource that gives 101 Design Patterns & Tips and provides a great place to [...]

Traffic & Success

Tweet Isn’t it funny the things we think are going to go great, don’t always. The things we throw together with little forethought often pan out better than we expect. Case in point, “Stop writing and increase your traffic“, a post I threw together in minutes while waiting for a mate to pick me up [...]

Beautiful CSS Websites

Tweet Vandelay Design have a great post today showcasing 25 beautiful website designs. I enjoy Vandelay’s blog as they have some great tips and tricks for WordPress and general website design. Today’s post is a great one for stirring up the inspiration. » 25 Beautiful, Minimalistic Website Designs – Part 2 on Vandelay Design

Freelance Book

Tweet Cyan & Collis Ta’eed have just finished what looks to be a fantastic book for freelancers. Collis & his wife Cyan are the team behind the ultimate online resource for freelancers. Having been out on my own before I know how hard it can be, although for some reason every person starting out [...]

Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP

Tweet So you want some inspiration? You really can’t go past Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP probably the best resource for fantastic & inspirational design, web, CSS, Flash and logos. Brilliant resource! ยป Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP Tags: flash, css, web, inspiration, design, logos