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Category: Interviews – a chat with Spif

Tweet A while back I managed to score myself a beta pass to a brand new site called, as site/service that has saved my …. contacts, twice since I signed up. I took the opportunity this week to find out from founder Stefan (Spif) a little more about and the thinking behind it. [...]

Juxtaposer – chat with developer

Tweet A while back in one of my flickr groups I noticed someone asking for beta testers of a new iPhone app related to images. I love trying out new things (which might explain why I have to rebuild my computer more often than most) and I thought it sounded interesting. I sent off a [...]

Interview with Mark O’Donnell

Tweet Studiowhiz Hi there Mark, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me today. Everyone, this is Mark O’Donnell, New Zealand’s number one Sales Promotion guru. He’s just relaunched his promotional site Mark, as a quick intro why don’t you summarise Sales Promotion for those new to the world of marketing? [...]

Interview with Dwayne Alexander

Tweet In the first of our interviews we took the time to send some questions to Dwayne Alexander the brains behind the new social network Live My Goals. Here is our interview with him. [Studiowhiz] Live My Goals is very new – still in beta right? So why don’t you start off by giving us [...]