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Making money online?

Tweet I’ve always wondered how possible it really is to make money online. Strange really considering that we are heading into 2009, marking my 15th year working in the online space. That’s right, for 15 years the internet has paid my salary, bought my cars, my house and my gadgets. Yet it’s only now that [...]

4 Sale –

Tweet UPDATE 2: it’s a done deal. iPhone Source is now officially part of the Studiowhiz network – and what’s more, we are retaining Paul as a contributor (50% owner) & together we’ll drive this site forward.   UPDATE: great news – I’m in negotiation right now to bring iPhone Source into the Studiowhiz network [...]

Introducing Paul Sanderson

Tweet Guest post by: Paul Sanderson Hi all. Mr K is letting me ride his coat tails and allowing me to guest post over here at this wonderful place. A little about me: I’m a Pisces, 26, love long walks along the beach… oh wrong site… (Edit: Bl**dy oath, what sort site am I running?) [...]

Truth & Lies: donations online

Tweet We’re a cynical bunch aren’t we. If TV & Movies desensitize us to violence then the internet desensitizes us to charity & needs. I’ve had a couple of things happening recently that have highlighted the issues faced when wanting to or needing too raise funds online and just how hard it is becoming to [...]

Write your way to increasing traffic

Tweet I’ve mentioned before that when you want to run a blog & bring in great levels of traffic you have to devote a lot of time to sculpting the content of your blog/website. One of my issues is that I’m not a professional writer, I make no claims to being a good writer – [...]

Site traffic increasing – not always good

Tweet It seems today that websites are in a battle to get more and more traffic. I wonder sometimes if people get the message wrong? I mean really is that all it’s about? Of course traffic increases are fantastic and make a direct impact to any revenue a site, either through the online advertising, the [...]

Stop writing and increase site traffic

Tweet I thought I would try something. I’ve written quite a bit (well okay a little bit) on the site and was busy trying to promote a new post from the site each day. So I stopped, for a few days and guess what. My site traffic went up and looks to be stabilizing around [...]

It’s all in the title

Tweet I’m about to break one of my rules with this post but here goes. Once you have planned your blog, and started your blog you need to really think about the things you are going to write. Actually you’ve probably already done that so lets look at something you are probably overlooking. It’s all [...]

Starting your blog

Tweet It’s become a very easy process these days to start a blog. There are a number of services that can give you a free blog within minutes – however these are not always the best solutions. Now that you have completed the planning of your blog you will have a firm understanding of what [...]

Free traffic: What your web designer didn’t tell you!

Tweet You walk into a meeting with your web designer (marketing/advertising agency) and ask them to help you drive traffic to your site. They reply “There is no such thing as a free lunch traffic” I’m here to tell you there is such a thing as free traffic and here are 5 easy steps you [...]

Kicked off TextLinkAds

Tweet Well it finally happened. Dwindling traffic finally took it’s toll – that and I blew away all my old posts. I found an email in my inbox from TextLinkAds wondering why their system couldn’t find the posts on my site. After tyring to explain that I was rebuilding the site, intending to grow traffic [...]

A better bank service

Tweet I am currently looking for solutions to managing my personal finances. I’m currently going through a number of services. Sadly many online services only support US based banks – useless for someone in NZ. is a New Zealand service they say is suitable for personal finances. They are wrong it’s a small business [...]

Planning your killer blog

Tweet Lets get right to it, you are thinking of creating a blog. Why? Ah, that stopped you didn’t it. You’ve read the first post “Building wealth with your blog” and like the the thought of bringing in some extra money from your blog. This post looks at what it takes to plan your blog, [...]

Build wealth with your blog

Tweet Lets face it, most of us gather our income from one source. Our day job. Sure it’s possible to make a fair amount of money with your day job & if you are good at saving you can save a lot too. But what if you want to earn something extra on the side? [...]

Freelance Book

Tweet Cyan & Collis Ta’eed have just finished what looks to be a fantastic book for freelancers. Collis & his wife Cyan are the team behind the ultimate online resource for freelancers. Having been out on my own before I know how hard it can be, although for some reason every person starting out [...]