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Recession? Spend more on advertising

Tweet Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, you’ll find most western countries are not facing recession. The United States – if looked at from a purely business point of view is bankrupt, New Zealand can’t be far behind. For those in business today are finding it very hard to get by. The only business [...]

Getting the message right

Tweet So you are ready to create a email campaign and like any good company you target it around an event on the calendar – eg: mothers day. It’s important to read the message, heck get LOTS of other people to read it and make sure it is correct. I opened my email just now [...]

email: clean up

Tweet One lesson I think more companies could afford to learn is that of maintaining a clean communications database. A companies communication database is it’s lifeblood of customer relations. It is the source of all growth opportunities for any business.

Image: what your brand says about you

Tweet The image you portray can help you win, or loose customers. Recently everything and anything to do with property has caught my attention. Why because I know that in years past a great number of people have made wise choices around property that have netted them great wealth. On a more personal note I’m [...]

It’s all in the title

Tweet I’m about to break one of my rules with this post but here goes. Once you have planned your blog, and started your blog you need to really think about the things you are going to write. Actually you’ve probably already done that so lets look at something you are probably overlooking. It’s all [...]

Free traffic: What your web designer didn’t tell you!

Tweet You walk into a meeting with your web designer (marketing/advertising agency) and ask them to help you drive traffic to your site. They reply “There is no such thing as a free lunch traffic” I’m here to tell you there is such a thing as free traffic and here are 5 easy steps you [...]