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Using Firefox & Google to find media

Tweet My mate over at has an interesting post about his favourite Google Search, a nice little trick that allows you to quickly and easily find mp3, mp4, pdf, avi, mpeg, audio, music, videos, movies and much more. I thought I’d extend this a little by adding some new functionality to his search & [...]

A better bank service

Tweet I am currently looking for solutions to managing my personal finances. I’m currently going through a number of services. Sadly many online services only support US based banks – useless for someone in NZ. is a New Zealand service they say is suitable for personal finances. They are wrong it’s a small business [...]

One step to saving $294 on software

Tweet Update: Jan 25 2008: Well folks it’s all over, MacHeist is done and $488 003 was raised. However true to form the MacHeist guys thought that wasn’t the best number, so they’ve added $21 997 to the amount to bring the final total to $500 000 raised for charity. UPDATED: more apps are now [...]

Planning your killer blog

Tweet Lets get right to it, you are thinking of creating a blog. Why? Ah, that stopped you didn’t it. You’ve read the first post “Building wealth with your blog” and like the the thought of bringing in some extra money from your blog. This post looks at what it takes to plan your blog, [...]

Jargon Explained Part 2: Domains, DNS & IP

Tweet This is part 2 in my series explaining the jargon of the web. If you missed part 1, POP, SMTP & IMAP, you might want to read it first. So now we are going to look at some jargon around these www things we use to visit websites & send email. For example, you [...]

5 reasons to use Google Apps

Tweet Any web developer will tell you setting up email for a client can be the bane of their life. I know when I ran my own company and was providing all hosting services, 90% of the support queries we took were in regards to email. In the last 2 years I’ve moved completely away [...]

Jargon Explained Part 1: POP, SMTP & IMAP

Tweet When it comes to the internet there is a lot of jargon thrown around and many people don’t know what these words & terms mean. What I hope to do with this series is unwrap some of this jargon so anyone can understand. Often small business owners, or organisation leaders need to make technology [...]

Build wealth with your blog

Tweet Lets face it, most of us gather our income from one source. Our day job. Sure it’s possible to make a fair amount of money with your day job & if you are good at saving you can save a lot too. But what if you want to earn something extra on the side? [...]

Mix ‘n’ Match

Tweet Getting a website or online business online is not the easiest thing, especially if you are not a coder. Trying to find out what CSS, PHP, ASP and other terms mean is hard. When you start looking at off the shelf products it makes it even more confusing. I’ve just been asked by a [...]

Freelance Book

Tweet Cyan & Collis Ta’eed have just finished what looks to be a fantastic book for freelancers. Collis & his wife Cyan are the team behind the ultimate online resource for freelancers. Having been out on my own before I know how hard it can be, although for some reason every person starting out [...]

Firefox 3 beta 2 & software releases

Tweet Firefox 3 is getting closer to full release with each new day. It’s great to see today that the 2nd beta version is now available for download, as announced by Mozilla For those of you new to software you don’t have to purchase, many companies now include the wider internet community in the testing [...]

Flock vs Firefox

Tweet I’ve been a Firefox fan for .. well for as long as it’s been out. Firefox is a web browser for those of you wondering about that. The main reasons for using Firefox have been more secure than Internet Explorer better CSS & web2.0 support than Internet Explorer not developed by Microsoft use extensions [...]

Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP

Tweet So you want some inspiration? You really can’t go past Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP probably the best resource for fantastic & inspirational design, web, CSS, Flash and logos. Brilliant resource! ยป Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP Tags: flash, css, web, inspiration, design, logos