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Timer Remote for Sony a55 (intervalometer)

Tweet I bought a Sony a55 a while back and really couldn’t be happier. It’s a great camera and I’m taking some great shots with it. You can check out some of my shots here on flickr or But one thing bugged me – I can’t tether it to my laptop to do remote [...]

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100 Prayers

Teaching young kids the value of prayer is fundamentally important to life. Knowing that God isn’t some far off “being”, instead He’s a loving God who desires to know you personally – that is the foundation of following Christ.

Movie’s I want to see

Tweet I love a good movie, I love a good animated movie & there are a couple of good (looking) ones coming out soon. First up from the BlueSky studios team comes a Dr Seuss movie. Horton Hears a Who comes out March 14 2008. I don’t know what but there is something about Dr [...]

Flock vs Firefox

Tweet I’ve been a Firefox fan for .. well for as long as it’s been out. Firefox is a web browser for those of you wondering about that. The main reasons for using Firefox have been more secure than Internet Explorer better CSS & web2.0 support than Internet Explorer not developed by Microsoft use extensions [...]