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Category: Funny

13 more great Twitters to follow

Tweet Well the original 13 Twitter accounts you NEED to follow was so popular (and contraversial – “why wasn’t I on your list when XYZ was?”) I figured – You know what? I actually do follow a heap of really cool folks, so without further ado, lets get into it. Shel Israel Silicon Valley insider [...]

Top 5 Avatar Generators

Tweet Avatars are everywhere now, from your Twitter profile pic, to Skype, Gravatar to Facebook. If you don’t have one you want one, if you have one no doubt you like to update it every now and then. I recently had to recreate my avatar for my Twitter profile (oo00_Mr_K_00oo), and I whipped open Google [...]


Tweet Daddy (me) decided that Mummy needed a break from bub, so he bundled bub into the buggy and headed off for a 20min walk around the block. After completing the first 2 roads, Daddy decided he might veer right instead of left and swing past the supermarket. Feeling mighty proud of himself for getting [...]

Magic Denty

Tweet Muks posted a story yesterday about an ‘incident’ with their boiler deciding to spit water everywhere. To her rescue came ‘Magic Denty’ the superhero, who fixed the boiler with his magic hands and devices. So I thought to myself – every superhero needs a shield, something they can adorn to their cape. I had [...]

5 things I learnt from Deadliest Catch

Tweet “Mamma always said you’ll never learn nuthin’ from TV”, well mum was wrong. Deadliest Catch is a show on Discovery Channel following the crab fishermen of the Bering Sea, a show that has taught me at least 5 things about life, work and humor. My job is a walk in the park compared to [...]