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Timer Remote for Sony a55 (intervalometer)

Tweet I bought a Sony a55 a while back and really couldn’t be happier. It’s a great camera and I’m taking some great shots with it. You can check out some of my shots here on flickr or But one thing bugged me – I can’t tether it to my laptop to do remote [...]

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Stop Motion & Time Lapse

Your camera can do so much more than simply take static shots … what happens when you take a moment, and shoot multiple static shots of a slowly moving subject? Mr K explores Stop Motion & Time Lapse photography

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StickyBits – barcode scanning

Tweet Mobile barcodes are quickly gaining momentum – they’ve been around for years, I’ve tinkered with 2D and MS Colour Tags for years. It’s really only been in the past 3 or so months here in NZ that 2D barcodes are starting to gain movement. Of course in the USA we have Google rolling out [...]

The iPad & Why you are probably NOT the target audience

Tweet Unless you were in some time vortex over the past 36 hours you no doubt know that Apple released the iPad, a 3:4 screen with basic computer features. This iPad launched with the usual hype of Apple product launches, and of course  every Apple gear head and iPhone user thought “oh wow” and then “oh stink” [...]

2 invaluable OSX time saving tips

Tweet I have a few friends who are swapping from long time Windows usage to Mac usage. There are a couple of things they do on the Mac that … well they could do better. First up they load up the dock with EVERY single application & secondly they rely on the mouse to much [...]

Why I still love the iPhone

Tweet Today Apple showed a sneak peak at what is coming in the iPhone 3.0 software updated (read iTalk Magazines list of iPhone 3.0 updates). I recently had a chat with a friend here in the office. A while back I won myself an iPhone & around the same time my friend bought herself an [...]

The iPhone – improvements needed?

Tweet I like my iPhone, really I do. I’ve had a number of phones in the past few years, some called phones, some called smart phones. None though have really captured my attention (nor yours) as much as the iPhone. So, as I mentioned I do rather like my iPhone, however there are somethings that [...]

iTunes Mobile

Tweet I’ve been pondering recently about a large (maybe) section of the market that Apple & iTunes haven’t tapped. See here in New Zealand you can’t buy an iPhone (well not legitimately anyway), but see I don’t need one (I want one!!) as I have a perfectly good (terrible, useless, horrible – did the designer [...]

Apple MacBook Air – bah whatever

Tweet If you hadn’t heard Apple are running their MacWorld conference at the moment. This is the ‘holy of holy’ events for any true Mac aficionado. At these events Steve Jobs has a keynote speech in which he reveals the direction for Apple in the coming year – oh and he throws out any new [...]

SD Card Headphones?

Tweet Over at Gizmodo I found a like to some really rad new headphones that do away with the MP3 player altogether. No more needing to lug a big iPod around, instead simply slot your SDCard in the slot and away you go. These are currently being shown at CES and haven’t yet hit the [...]

One step to saving $294 on software

Tweet Update: Jan 25 2008: Well folks it’s all over, MacHeist is done and $488 003 was raised. However true to form the MacHeist guys thought that wasn’t the best number, so they’ve added $21 997 to the amount to bring the final total to $500 000 raised for charity. UPDATED: more apps are now [...]