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100 Prayers

Teaching young kids the value of prayer is fundamentally important to life. Knowing that God isn’t some far off “being”, instead He’s a loving God who desires to know you personally – that is the foundation of following Christ.

How I slashed 10 years off my mortgage

Tweet Mortgages – something most “grown-ups” have these days. Big heavy things that rest around your neck for 20, 30 or 40 odd years. I’ve even heard of some UK based mortgage companies allowing people to take on mortgages to be passed onto their kids. Mortgages – the evil (?) that allow us to buy [...]

Challenges in life

Tweet Life’s one of those funny things, when you are in the middle of it there is always lots going on. When you look back, you wonder – what did I really do? What have I achieved? Of course the start of a new year is often prime time for thinking about these sorts of things. [...]

Start-ups making a change for good

Tweet We hear many stories these days about start up businesses doing some amazingly cool things. It seems we are in the age of the entrepreneur, any one can start a new business, build it up and … well the number of people who’ve made millions (billions) from their start-ups is far greater in the [...]

Notepods – iPhone design essential

Tweet So, you know .. the iPhone, it’s that fancy thing all them new kids have in their pockets. (he he he .. okay I have one too).  Well anyway .. it’s great, awesome in fact. But there’s something new on the block, that’s like the iPhone but never runs out of battery, the screen [...]

The ramblings

Tweet I know I know it’s been a little while since I actually blogged here – yeah I write things from time to time but what am I writing? What am I doing here? Goals, Targets and Celebrations If you want something in life, most people will tell you “set a goal” have a target, [...]

2 invaluable OSX time saving tips

Tweet I have a few friends who are swapping from long time Windows usage to Mac usage. There are a couple of things they do on the Mac that … well they could do better. First up they load up the dock with EVERY single application & secondly they rely on the mouse to much [...]

13 more great Twitters to follow

Tweet Well the original 13 Twitter accounts you NEED to follow was so popular (and contraversial – “why wasn’t I on your list when XYZ was?”) I figured – You know what? I actually do follow a heap of really cool folks, so without further ado, lets get into it. Shel Israel Silicon Valley insider [...]

13 Twitter accounts you NEED to follow

Tweet Twitter, it’s just the “bees knees” of the web social community. Sure it might be a 10th the size of Facebook (did you know Facebook apparently grows the size of twitter EVERY DAY?), still Twitter is the place everyone wants to be today. I’ve been on Twitter for a little while now (not a [...]

Why Facebook sucks

Tweet You might think that I’m not qualified to write a post about why I think Facebook sucks – and rewind two weeks and you’d be right. Sure I’d created some account many moons ago for me to dabble with, but after rumors of CIA involvement and other “conspiracies” I decided that was enough for [...]

Top 5 Geekiest Tattoos

Tweet Tattoos, used to be the sign of a pirate, prisioner, slave or more – actually in some places they still are, which is sad. However in the west they’ve be come more and more a feature of life, so I thought I’d throw together the top 5 geekiest tattoos list 1) Android Chick At [...]

New Zealand, the internet & coffee

Tweet I’ve been mulling this post for a while, actually since Christmas while I was in Malaysia chilling out with family. New Zealand’s internet sucks There I said it and I fully stand behind that statement. So why am I posting about this now, why didn’t I write it when I first stared mulling over [...]

The Results

Tweet Okay, well I’m back from the swim and sipping a lovely coffee before going and having a shower to clean up. It’s been a morning of lessons for me, and I have to say first up “I’m happy with my achievement – gutted, but happy”. I arrived at the start and realised the vast majority [...]

The Challenge

Tweet It’s 6am on a Sunday and I’m up … couldn’t sleep too much last night. You know how it is when you have something coming up that you are looking forward too, your brain keeps actively thinking about it all night long. I ran through my check list probably 100 times, I dreamt about [...]

I need Friends – help please

Tweet A while back now I issued a challenge to my mate at – who I consider to be New Zealand’s top Search Engine Optimisation expert – to race to 250 contacts between LinkedIn an StumbleUpon. I figured it was about time for an update Me: LinkedIn: 142 StumbleUpon: 42 WebHelp: LinkedIn: 68 StumbleUpon: [...]