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Exploring WolframAlpha

Tweet Tonight I’ve been having a play around with WolframAlpha … it’s not really due to go live until Monday US time, but they are doing some load testing and other bits over the next couple of days. If you are lucky, you might just find it running. So what is WolframAlpha? Well to be [...]

Sure fire secret tips to drive up traffic

Tweet Traffic – websites live and breathe with it – without, well we might as well all pack up and go home. I’ve increased traffic to by .. well a ton recently. The past week has seen this site having over 70,000 unique visitors stop by. How do you do it? Well traditionally it’s [...]

2 invaluable OSX time saving tips

Tweet I have a few friends who are swapping from long time Windows usage to Mac usage. There are a couple of things they do on the Mac that … well they could do better. First up they load up the dock with EVERY single application & secondly they rely on the mouse to much [...]

13 more great Twitters to follow

Tweet Well the original 13 Twitter accounts you NEED to follow was so popular (and contraversial – “why wasn’t I on your list when XYZ was?”) I figured – You know what? I actually do follow a heap of really cool folks, so without further ado, lets get into it. Shel Israel Silicon Valley insider [...]

13 Twitter accounts you NEED to follow

Tweet Twitter, it’s just the “bees knees” of the web social community. Sure it might be a 10th the size of Facebook (did you know Facebook apparently grows the size of twitter EVERY DAY?), still Twitter is the place everyone wants to be today. I’ve been on Twitter for a little while now (not a [...]

3 Steps to saving $519 on Software

Tweet You can save huge amounts of cash when it comes to Mac Software. You can pick up some fantastic apps for really cheap and hey you probably end up with apps that you’ve never heard of but can’t live without. So … three steps to saving $519 on software: visit (oh, well you’ve [...]

Why I still love the iPhone

Tweet Today Apple showed a sneak peak at what is coming in the iPhone 3.0 software updated (read iTalk Magazines list of iPhone 3.0 updates). I recently had a chat with a friend here in the office. A while back I won myself an iPhone & around the same time my friend bought herself an [...]

Why Facebook sucks

Tweet You might think that I’m not qualified to write a post about why I think Facebook sucks – and rewind two weeks and you’d be right. Sure I’d created some account many moons ago for me to dabble with, but after rumors of CIA involvement and other “conspiracies” I decided that was enough for [...]

Why sucks

Tweet – if you don’t know what it is, it’s a great online service for watching TV. At least that’s the premise. You can watch your favourite TV shows online. View all the old Simpsons episodes, view all the episodes when you want. It sounds wicked, and I applied very early on for the [...]

Top 5 Geekiest Tattoos

Tweet Tattoos, used to be the sign of a pirate, prisioner, slave or more – actually in some places they still are, which is sad. However in the west they’ve be come more and more a feature of life, so I thought I’d throw together the top 5 geekiest tattoos list 1) Android Chick At [...]

New Zealand, the internet & coffee

Tweet I’ve been mulling this post for a while, actually since Christmas while I was in Malaysia chilling out with family. New Zealand’s internet sucks There I said it and I fully stand behind that statement. So why am I posting about this now, why didn’t I write it when I first stared mulling over [...]

Top 5 Avatar Generators

Tweet Avatars are everywhere now, from your Twitter profile pic, to Skype, Gravatar to Facebook. If you don’t have one you want one, if you have one no doubt you like to update it every now and then. I recently had to recreate my avatar for my Twitter profile (oo00_Mr_K_00oo), and I whipped open Google [...]

Time for a new look

Tweet Okay, I think it’s time for something new here at Studiowhiz .. a new look. So forgive me over the next day or two the site just may look broke ….   Oh and I’m thinking I’m going to integrate my tweets right into the blog

Making the most of your online time

Tweet Spending time online can be great, or it can be hard work. Tonight I’ve (oh yeah it’s night when I’m typing this out) had one of those hard nights.  See I’m currently the primary editor (read: writer, advertising manager, promotions manager, technical contact etc) on 3 sites and writer on another 2, plus the [...]

The Results

Tweet Okay, well I’m back from the swim and sipping a lovely coffee before going and having a shower to clean up. It’s been a morning of lessons for me, and I have to say first up “I’m happy with my achievement – gutted, but happy”. I arrived at the start and realised the vast majority [...]