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Sorry ’bout that

Tweet Well thanks to our web host “MediaTemple” we had an unscheduled outage here at studiowhiz tonight – and on the handful of other sites I host. I can’t wait till I’ve got Studiowhiz Hosting up and running, at least then I’ll be able to yell at the guy (in the mirror) responsible for the [...]

WordPress: Coding it sucks

Tweet There is a problem in WordPress – actually if you look around far enough there are a number of them, however for now I want to pick on one in particular. I’ve been pushing and shoving and sculpting wordpress over the past few days to try and make it perform like a CMS – [...]

Concept Art – visual diary PI

Tweet Wow, it seems like an age since I was last helping out in the back end for Swhiz. What a thrill and a privilege it is to be able to contribute to my all time favourite place on the net once again! Thanks K. This section I’m starting is to take interested persons on [...]

Google: slowly becoming crap

Tweet I am getting fedup with Google & their poor service  Has anyone else noticed that Google are loosing their shine? I have to admit I do love Google and the services they offer. I use them on a daily basis and I find myself relying on them. In fact I have recently recommended a [...]

Studiowhiz Refresh

Tweet Right, it’s about time. I had been using a free theme for Studiowhiz for a while now – and while it was a lovely theme it was high time I did something myself. Now I’m not totally done with this one yet, and I’ve not tested at ALL in IE (put any bugs in [...]

Changes ahead?

Tweet Something is brewing, you just know it is. It’s almost 11pm, the latest I’ve been up for a long time. I’m doing CSS, HTML and would you believe I’m actually sculpting WordPress to get it to do what I want for a change. So yes, something is brewing, I think you might like it, [...]

Words: come back to bite you

Tweet I have a word of warning, I’m not going to name names, but I know who you are. I learned very early on in life that what you say can come back to you. When they do their effects are often amplified. This is very true when you are in business. If you have [...]

iTunes Mobile

Tweet I’ve been pondering recently about a large (maybe) section of the market that Apple & iTunes haven’t tapped. See here in New Zealand you can’t buy an iPhone (well not legitimately anyway), but see I don’t need one (I want one!!) as I have a perfectly good (terrible, useless, horrible – did the designer [...]

Apple gave Microsoft it’s break

Tweet A great video interview with Bill Gates & Steve Jobs discussing how Apple introduced Microsoft to the world of Applications. Microsoft owes Apple big for giving them the leg up into that market. This is video 2 of 7 – I’ll try find the rest on YouTube

Truth & Lies: donations online

Tweet We’re a cynical bunch aren’t we. If TV & Movies desensitize us to violence then the internet desensitizes us to charity & needs. I’ve had a couple of things happening recently that have highlighted the issues faced when wanting to or needing too raise funds online and just how hard it is becoming to [...]

Donation help

Tweet My very good friend who runs had a horrific weekend with his parents involved in a head on car crash. His mother has minor injuries (air bags help!!) but his dad suffered some bad injuries and is still in ICU (intensive care). Webhelp has set up a donations page on his blog & [...]

Special Prawn and Bacon Pasta

Tweet A simple recipe to enjoy on a lovely summer evening Chop onions, greenpepper, chilli, black pepper, salt (to your taste buds), fry in olive oil Grill bacon until well done, then add to base Cook up some el dente pasta (any type you want) Gently fry some prawns in olive oil , add garlic [...]

I’m a famous Photographer

Tweet Like my writing (see last post) I don’t make any claims about being a great photographer. Heck the only camera I use at the moment is a 4 year old Sony point and shoot digital. However I’ve enjoyed a little fame for some of my shots. My latest one came after a trip with [...]

So … it’s a challenge you want?

Tweet So, Mr Webhelp, it’s a challenge you want is it? A post titled “StumbleUpon – 99 friends and growing” was published today, not to mention the fact someone was gloating today. Of course I’ve been on StumbleUpon longer although I only have 20 friends. Here I have laying down the gauntlet for you Mr [...]

WordPress sucks – but I still love it

Tweet Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, the guys over at Automatic are great. But seriously WordPress sucks, like really really sucks. I’ve posted before about why wordpress needs an auto-update feature, which btw would be easy to do. I’m now moaning because WordPress is really really crap at knowing things. See for a [...]