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Category: Thoughts

How I slashed 10 years off my mortgage

Tweet Mortgages – something most “grown-ups” have these days. Big heavy things that rest around your neck for 20, 30 or 40 odd years. I’ve even heard of some UK based mortgage companies allowing people to take on mortgages to be passed onto their kids. Mortgages – the evil (?) that allow us to buy [...]

Google Wave – what now?

Tweet So I’ve been fortunate (?) enough to be part of the Google Wave roll out and I’ve spent some time playing with it. This isn’t going to be a long post there are enough other posts for that on the web – you can find some of them here: Google Wave – Full of [...]

Exploring WolframAlpha

Tweet Tonight I’ve been having a play around with WolframAlpha … it’s not really due to go live until Monday US time, but they are doing some load testing and other bits over the next couple of days. If you are lucky, you might just find it running. So what is WolframAlpha? Well to be [...]

Why Facebook sucks

Tweet You might think that I’m not qualified to write a post about why I think Facebook sucks – and rewind two weeks and you’d be right. Sure I’d created some account many moons ago for me to dabble with, but after rumors of CIA involvement and other “conspiracies” I decided that was enough for [...]

Why sucks

Tweet – if you don’t know what it is, it’s a great online service for watching TV. At least that’s the premise. You can watch your favourite TV shows online. View all the old Simpsons episodes, view all the episodes when you want. It sounds wicked, and I applied very early on for the [...]

New Look, new posts

Tweet Right, I got sick of the old look not working right – lazy developer I am, couldn’t be bothered fixing it. So when I updated to Word Press 1.5 and took the opportunity to dump this new template onto the site. Now I screwed up when I did the update and lost all my [...]

Truth & Lies: donations online

Tweet We’re a cynical bunch aren’t we. If TV & Movies desensitize us to violence then the internet desensitizes us to charity & needs. I’ve had a couple of things happening recently that have highlighted the issues faced when wanting to or needing too raise funds online and just how hard it is becoming to [...]

WordPress sucks – but I still love it

Tweet Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, the guys over at Automatic are great. But seriously WordPress sucks, like really really sucks. I’ve posted before about why wordpress needs an auto-update feature, which btw would be easy to do. I’m now moaning because WordPress is really really crap at knowing things. See for a [...]

Stop writing and increase site traffic

Tweet I thought I would try something. I’ve written quite a bit (well okay a little bit) on the site and was busy trying to promote a new post from the site each day. So I stopped, for a few days and guess what. My site traffic went up and looks to be stabilizing around [...]

Using Firefox & Google to find media

Tweet My mate over at has an interesting post about his favourite Google Search, a nice little trick that allows you to quickly and easily find mp3, mp4, pdf, avi, mpeg, audio, music, videos, movies and much more. I thought I’d extend this a little by adding some new functionality to his search & [...]

A better bank service

Tweet I am currently looking for solutions to managing my personal finances. I’m currently going through a number of services. Sadly many online services only support US based banks – useless for someone in NZ. is a New Zealand service they say is suitable for personal finances. They are wrong it’s a small business [...]

1 reason to ignore digg

Tweet I have my list of favourite sites, a list I’m slowly revealing here on this blog. One of these sites I absolutely adore is a blog by Brian Clark. Brain’s site is dedicated to helping others improve their writing style. One goal of my blog is to help me improve my writing, and [...]

Remember the Milk + Gmail

Tweet Remember the Milk is a great online service that helps you remember things. Think of it as your digital to-do-list. When I started using this service, it was simply a website that you could email tasks too. Now, well it’s so much more. Today they have announced full integration with GMail which brings your [...]

When being 18years old isn’t all that good

Tweet I’m a car nut. Okay maybe thats an understatement – while other children wrote letters to their penpals (no, we didn’t have facebook when I grew up), I wrote letters to car companies. My most famous of course was when I wrote a letter to Lamborghini and one to Pontiac. Of course it would [...]