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Free Photoshop eBook

Tweet Those crazy folks over at have released a new Photoshop book, a book I’ve heard positive things about. Okay you say, that’s nothing new, Sitepoint relese books often. Ah yes they do, but this one is FREE … as in nadda, zip, nothing. So why don’t you head over to & download [...]

Apple Movie Trailers down?

Tweet I love, I could spend hours on this site checking out new movies coming up etc etc. In fact today at work I stole 10 mins to check out the trailer for KungFu Panda. I get home tonight and want to show the trailer to my wife. Well, the page is no more. [...]

DIY CSS Framework

Tweet CSS (cascading style sheets) is the defining layer of any website. For those not sure, CSS is the bit of a web page, that tells your browser where to put things when rendering (drawing) the page. CSS is fantastic, however with little to no Web Standards between the many browsers out there you can’t [...]