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Some jQuery basics

I’ve been playing more and more with jQuery and remember some of the early things that tripped me up, so I thought I’d share a few simple jQuery things with you.

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Quick WordPress Conflict Tip

A quick tip that might just help resolve conflicts between different plugins that you use on Wordpress.

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5 plugins for WordPress you might have missed

Wordpress is fantastic, albeit naked on it’s own – here are 5 plugins to lift your install to the next level

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35 FREE fonts for worship & sermons

35 great fonts that you can use to simplify the display of lyrics during worship. Make it easier and simpler for your congregation to enjoy worship, remove the distractions, keep it simple.

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10 awesome wordpress themes for churches

Churches have specific needs for their websites, to feature upcoming events, keep members up-to-date and let new visitors know where they are. Many are now podcasting & sharing sermons and other media. This collection of Wordpress themes help churches get online fast.

YouTube – the death of Flash

Tweet Following on from my post about the iPad & while I’ve time to write … There are a number of posts around at the moment talking about the ‘death of flash‘ many that have come out in the past 48 hours (like this one) talk about how Apple will be the death of Flash. [...]

HTML5, GeoLocation and Google

Tweet UPDATED ZIP file of code now available here It seems now it’s all the rage to start leveraging some of the new HTML5 spec in your designs, especially now that Firefox 3.5, Chrome & Safari on iPhone 3.0 all support many of the new HTML5 tags. I started looking into geolocation for html5 recently [...]

To video or not to video?

Tweet I only need to cast my mind back a day or two in my web history to remember the web the way it was. Way back in 1994 I tried to start a music sharing website for christian music – I even had some chats with big radio stations and such like, but the [...]

32+ amazing free fonts for designers

32 Great fonts that are perfect for your next design gig

Mr K’s guide to CakePHP

Tweet I’m playing around a bit with CakePHP again today … and for some reason a few things REALLY did my head in. Like REALLY did my head in. Stupid really because about a year ago I built a full web solution in CakePHP with users, ACL, AUTH and all that stuff – and deployed [...]

23 amazing modern clean fonts

23 fonts that will set your design apart from all the rest

17 incredible nature photos

Tweet Nature, it’s all around us all the time and yet we are often moving through life at such a pace we completely and utterly miss what’s around us. From the city the mountains, garden to meadow here is a collection of truly incredible nature photos. Simply click the image to go through to the [...]

12 Stunning Flowing Fonts

Tweet I love fonts, I love typography & if there was one area of design I wish I could improve on it’d be typography. What I love about fonts is their ability to at one time be both informative in language and yet artistic in layout. Fonts give words the ability to become art. Here [...]

Why Facebook sucks

Tweet You might think that I’m not qualified to write a post about why I think Facebook sucks – and rewind two weeks and you’d be right. Sure I’d created some account many moons ago for me to dabble with, but after rumors of CIA involvement and other “conspiracies” I decided that was enough for [...]

A change in development

Tweet It seems, or would seem that there is a shift beginning in the development community. How many times have you read a story about some great online success where the actual idea has come from someone with almost no coding experience or ability? These people are often forced to find someone else to create [...]