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Category: Code

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Some jQuery basics

I’ve been playing more and more with jQuery and remember some of the early things that tripped me up, so I thought I’d share a few simple jQuery things with you.

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Quick WordPress Conflict Tip

A quick tip that might just help resolve conflicts between different plugins that you use on Wordpress.

HTML5, GeoLocation and Google

Tweet UPDATED ZIP file of code now available here It seems now it’s all the rage to start leveraging some of the new HTML5 spec in your designs, especially now that Firefox 3.5, Chrome & Safari on iPhone 3.0 all support many of the new HTML5 tags. I started looking into geolocation for html5 recently [...]

To video or not to video?

Tweet I only need to cast my mind back a day or two in my web history to remember the web the way it was. Way back in 1994 I tried to start a music sharing website for christian music – I even had some chats with big radio stations and such like, but the [...]

Mr K’s guide to CakePHP

Tweet I’m playing around a bit with CakePHP again today … and for some reason a few things REALLY did my head in. Like REALLY did my head in. Stupid really because about a year ago I built a full web solution in CakePHP with users, ACL, AUTH and all that stuff – and deployed [...]

A change in development

Tweet It seems, or would seem that there is a shift beginning in the development community. How many times have you read a story about some great online success where the actual idea has come from someone with almost no coding experience or ability? These people are often forced to find someone else to create [...]

Update to

Tweet Well, it looks like WordPress 2.5 is out. I’ll be looking to update around here, however I have to make sure things keep working ey! This is why there haven’t been too many posts just now. Trying to sort out a few things before we look to update.

Microformats – Simple data formats for the masses

Tweet A Short Primer You have probably already heard about Microformats. You’ve probably also wondered what they are. So let me tell you: microformats are set a of predefined attributes that you add to already existing markup. These enable both humans and machines to easily access the data they hold. Simply, they are small semantic [...]

Studiowhiz Hosting: support us a we grow

Tweet Hey there all you web nutters … I’m thinking of a little side project. And I need your input. If studiowhiz was to offer hosting to you would you consider using it? I’m not just talking any old hosting, I’m talking about hosting that will allow you the ability to run PHP beside ASP, [...]

PHP tricks

Tweet As you know from my earlier post I’m rusty when it comes to coding. We’ll I’m working on a small project in my weekends (which I’ll unveil in the coming weeks) and while it’s more a proof of concept than anything, I’m using it as an excuse to brush up on my PHP skills [...]

Rusty coding

Tweet I used to develop full time, that is designing, programming and full development of websites. Of course that was a number of years ago, and my job now, while requiring a growing understanding of the internet, doesn’t see me coding or developing. I’m starting to set up a small website in the evenings, just [...]

A better WordPress

Tweet I enjoy using WordPress, after all it is pretty much the leading blogging software. It’s been through a number of iterations and has become a pretty solid hunk of code. However I have to say, WordPress upgrading sucks. I’ve just completed an upgrade here and seriously, all that downloading, unzipping, making sure I backup [...]

Mix ‘n’ Match

Tweet Getting a website or online business online is not the easiest thing, especially if you are not a coder. Trying to find out what CSS, PHP, ASP and other terms mean is hard. When you start looking at off the shelf products it makes it even more confusing. I’ve just been asked by a [...]

DIY CSS Framework

Tweet CSS (cascading style sheets) is the defining layer of any website. For those not sure, CSS is the bit of a web page, that tells your browser where to put things when rendering (drawing) the page. CSS is fantastic, however with little to no Web Standards between the many browsers out there you can’t [...]