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35 FREE fonts for worship & sermons

35 great fonts that you can use to simplify the display of lyrics during worship. Make it easier and simpler for your congregation to enjoy worship, remove the distractions, keep it simple.

32+ amazing free fonts for designers

32 Great fonts that are perfect for your next design gig

23 amazing modern clean fonts

23 fonts that will set your design apart from all the rest

17 incredible nature photos

Tweet Nature, it’s all around us all the time and yet we are often moving through life at such a pace we completely and utterly miss what’s around us. From the city the mountains, garden to meadow here is a collection of truly incredible nature photos. Simply click the image to go through to the [...]

12 Stunning Flowing Fonts

Tweet I love fonts, I love typography & if there was one area of design I wish I could improve on it’d be typography. What I love about fonts is their ability to at one time be both informative in language and yet artistic in layout. Fonts give words the ability to become art. Here [...]

Top 5 Avatar Generators

Tweet Avatars are everywhere now, from your Twitter profile pic, to Skype, Gravatar to Facebook. If you don’t have one you want one, if you have one no doubt you like to update it every now and then. I recently had to recreate my avatar for my Twitter profile (oo00_Mr_K_00oo), and I whipped open Google [...]

Free Photoshop eBook

Tweet Those crazy folks over at have released a new Photoshop book, a book I’ve heard positive things about. Okay you say, that’s nothing new, Sitepoint relese books often. Ah yes they do, but this one is FREE … as in nadda, zip, nothing. So why don’t you head over to & download [...]

Studiowhiz Wallpaper

Tweet I thought it was high time that I got back into some photoshop work. Now I’m not a photoshop guru like some of my mates, but I can tinker around in it. I’m leaning on right now to bring my skills back up. Here is an image I created for and I’ve [...]

Rusty coding

Tweet I used to develop full time, that is designing, programming and full development of websites. Of course that was a number of years ago, and my job now, while requiring a growing understanding of the internet, doesn’t see me coding or developing. I’m starting to set up a small website in the evenings, just [...]

how to …

Tweet how to make an icon, how to draw a car, how to create a flash website? These are all questions sitting in my traffic logs. Obviously Google thinks is a site that can help – and in the past that would have been true, back when Studiowhiz was well known in the Flash [...]

Beautiful CSS Websites

Tweet Vandelay Design have a great post today showcasing 25 beautiful website designs. I enjoy Vandelay’s blog as they have some great tips and tricks for WordPress and general website design. Today’s post is a great one for stirring up the inspiration. » 25 Beautiful, Minimalistic Website Designs – Part 2 on Vandelay Design

DIY CSS Framework

Tweet CSS (cascading style sheets) is the defining layer of any website. For those not sure, CSS is the bit of a web page, that tells your browser where to put things when rendering (drawing) the page. CSS is fantastic, however with little to no Web Standards between the many browsers out there you can’t [...]

Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP

Tweet So you want some inspiration? You really can’t go past Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP probably the best resource for fantastic & inspirational design, web, CSS, Flash and logos. Brilliant resource! ยป Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP Tags: flash, css, web, inspiration, design, logos