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Top 5 Avatar Generators

Tweet Avatars are everywhere now, from your Twitter profile pic, to Skype, Gravatar to Facebook. If you don’t have one you want one, if you have one no doubt you like to update it every now and then. I recently had to recreate my avatar for my Twitter profile (oo00_Mr_K_00oo), and I whipped open Google [...]

Free 2.0GB DropBox accounts

Tweet Carrying on in the trend of giving out some beta invites I was this morning granted some invites for dropbox. DropBox is an online storage system that integrates with your desktop. I have installed it on my Mac, and It’s simply shows up as an extra directory for me. With 2.0 GB of space [...]

BrightKite Invites – you keen?

Tweet Following on in the tradition of giving out invites. I was recently invited to Brightkite – a new online service, sort of in the same vein as Twitter. While Twitter is all about what are you doing, Brightkite is about where are you. Brightkite has the ability of course to integrate with Twitter, and [...]

Free Photoshop eBook

Tweet Those crazy folks over at have released a new Photoshop book, a book I’ve heard positive things about. Okay you say, that’s nothing new, Sitepoint relese books often. Ah yes they do, but this one is FREE … as in nadda, zip, nothing. So why don’t you head over to & download [...]

Evernote invites …

Tweet Evernote is an interesting concept. You pass notes, images etc to Evernote and their very clever system will store them, helping you to remember everything and anything. The great thing about Evernote, is the fact that it can read and index your images. I’ll give you an example. I had a brochure that I [...]

Update to

Tweet Well, it looks like WordPress 2.5 is out. I’ll be looking to update around here, however I have to make sure things keep working ey! This is why there haven’t been too many posts just now. Trying to sort out a few things before we look to update.

Studiowhiz Wallpaper

Tweet I thought it was high time that I got back into some photoshop work. Now I’m not a photoshop guru like some of my mates, but I can tinker around in it. I’m leaning on right now to bring my skills back up. Here is an image I created for and I’ve [...]

The Internet: time to leave the browser

Tweet I’ve written about this before here on Studiowhiz, in fact I was involved in early beta tests with the Macromedia team to create a way to allow developers to drive internet based applications without the need of a browser. Kevin Lynch was then one of the top dogs at Macromedia, he coined the term [...]

Microformats – Simple data formats for the masses

Tweet A Short Primer You have probably already heard about Microformats. You’ve probably also wondered what they are. So let me tell you: microformats are set a of predefined attributes that you add to already existing markup. These enable both humans and machines to easily access the data they hold. Simply, they are small semantic [...]

Studiowhiz Hosting: support us a we grow

Tweet Hey there all you web nutters … I’m thinking of a little side project. And I need your input. If studiowhiz was to offer hosting to you would you consider using it? I’m not just talking any old hosting, I’m talking about hosting that will allow you the ability to run PHP beside ASP, [...]

PHP tricks

Tweet As you know from my earlier post I’m rusty when it comes to coding. We’ll I’m working on a small project in my weekends (which I’ll unveil in the coming weeks) and while it’s more a proof of concept than anything, I’m using it as an excuse to brush up on my PHP skills [...]

Truth & Lies: donations online

Tweet We’re a cynical bunch aren’t we. If TV & Movies desensitize us to violence then the internet desensitizes us to charity & needs. I’ve had a couple of things happening recently that have highlighted the issues faced when wanting to or needing too raise funds online and just how hard it is becoming to [...]

Write your way to increasing traffic

Tweet I’ve mentioned before that when you want to run a blog & bring in great levels of traffic you have to devote a lot of time to sculpting the content of your blog/website. One of my issues is that I’m not a professional writer, I make no claims to being a good writer – [...]

Oh … pooh

Tweet Wow, no wonder I’m having a little trouble growing traffic. Oh well there is only one way to go from here – that is UP. So if you have a blog, a site, anything – why not point a link at and help me get back into Google. Yes I have requested a [...]

Rusty coding

Tweet I used to develop full time, that is designing, programming and full development of websites. Of course that was a number of years ago, and my job now, while requiring a growing understanding of the internet, doesn’t see me coding or developing. I’m starting to set up a small website in the evenings, just [...]