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Category: Technology

YouTube – the death of Flash

Tweet Following on from my post about the iPad & while I’ve time to write … There are a number of posts around at the moment talking about the ‘death of flash‘ many that have come out in the past 48 hours (like this one) talk about how Apple will be the death of Flash. [...]

HTML5, GeoLocation and Google

Tweet UPDATED ZIP file of code now available here It seems now it’s all the rage to start leveraging some of the new HTML5 spec in your designs, especially now that Firefox 3.5, Chrome & Safari on iPhone 3.0 all support many of the new HTML5 tags. I started looking into geolocation for html5 recently [...]

Why Facebook sucks

Tweet You might think that I’m not qualified to write a post about why I think Facebook sucks – and rewind two weeks and you’d be right. Sure I’d created some account many moons ago for me to dabble with, but after rumors of CIA involvement and other “conspiracies” I decided that was enough for [...]

Free 2.0GB DropBox accounts

Tweet Carrying on in the trend of giving out some beta invites I was this morning granted some invites for dropbox. DropBox is an online storage system that integrates with your desktop. I have installed it on my Mac, and It’s simply shows up as an extra directory for me. With 2.0 GB of space [...]

The Internet: time to leave the browser

Tweet I’ve written about this before here on Studiowhiz, in fact I was involved in early beta tests with the Macromedia team to create a way to allow developers to drive internet based applications without the need of a browser. Kevin Lynch was then one of the top dogs at Macromedia, he coined the term [...]

Studiowhiz Hosting: support us a we grow

Tweet Hey there all you web nutters … I’m thinking of a little side project. And I need your input. If studiowhiz was to offer hosting to you would you consider using it? I’m not just talking any old hosting, I’m talking about hosting that will allow you the ability to run PHP beside ASP, [...]

Rusty coding

Tweet I used to develop full time, that is designing, programming and full development of websites. Of course that was a number of years ago, and my job now, while requiring a growing understanding of the internet, doesn’t see me coding or developing. I’m starting to set up a small website in the evenings, just [...]

Ultimate PHP software

Tweet I’ve just spent about 4 hours looking around Google trying to find some solutions that I need. I only have a few requirements: must be free (open source) must be php & mysql must be (x)HTML & CSS compliant must integrate with PayPal must have Credit Card integration (c2o etc) manage memberships (free & [...]

Apple MacBook Air – bah whatever

Tweet If you hadn’t heard Apple are running their MacWorld conference at the moment. This is the ‘holy of holy’ events for any true Mac aficionado. At these events Steve Jobs has a keynote speech in which he reveals the direction for Apple in the coming year – oh and he throws out any new [...]

A better WordPress

Tweet I enjoy using WordPress, after all it is pretty much the leading blogging software. It’s been through a number of iterations and has become a pretty solid hunk of code. However I have to say, WordPress upgrading sucks. I’ve just completed an upgrade here and seriously, all that downloading, unzipping, making sure I backup [...]

One step to saving $294 on software

Tweet Update: Jan 25 2008: Well folks it’s all over, MacHeist is done and $488 003 was raised. However true to form the MacHeist guys thought that wasn’t the best number, so they’ve added $21 997 to the amount to bring the final total to $500 000 raised for charity. UPDATED: more apps are now [...]

5 reasons to use Google Apps

Tweet Any web developer will tell you setting up email for a client can be the bane of their life. I know when I ran my own company and was providing all hosting services, 90% of the support queries we took were in regards to email. In the last 2 years I’ve moved completely away [...]

Mix ‘n’ Match

Tweet Getting a website or online business online is not the easiest thing, especially if you are not a coder. Trying to find out what CSS, PHP, ASP and other terms mean is hard. When you start looking at off the shelf products it makes it even more confusing. I’ve just been asked by a [...]

Remember the Milk + Gmail

Tweet Remember the Milk is a great online service that helps you remember things. Think of it as your digital to-do-list. When I started using this service, it was simply a website that you could email tasks too. Now, well it’s so much more. Today they have announced full integration with GMail which brings your [...]

Firefox 3 beta 2 & software releases

Tweet Firefox 3 is getting closer to full release with each new day. It’s great to see today that the 2nd beta version is now available for download, as announced by Mozilla For those of you new to software you don’t have to purchase, many companies now include the wider internet community in the testing [...]