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About Mr K

Mr K, aka oo00_Mr_K_00oo, aka Keran McKenzie – that’s me, the fella what write them word things that appear on that there web log thingy.

Studiowhiz is my slice of the interweb, the tangled collection of pixels held together with copper wires, sand, solder and well … magic smoke. (you don’t know about magic smoke? well never mind, just never let it out or your computer won’t go no more).

I kinda live online, I’ve been making a living in the online space for 14 years now – scary really considering that’s almost half my life (almost as in on the short side, I’m not 28 … no I’ve a few more years of wisdom between my ears than most 28 year olds – nothing against 28 year olds of course). I tend to ramble, I talk and I share my insights. Yeah I can be stubborn, I can be quick to write off an idea – but there is usually a reason for it.

I Tweet (no I’m not a bird) I do have a page or two in that book of faces (although that’s private so, NO I don’t want to be your friend on facebook – well probably not anyway sorry), and I share some links that are really delicious – you should try them. From time to time I flick about with the camera or that fancy iPhone thingy I won (oh you didn’t know that? Yeah I won an iPhone!)

I really enjoy Apple computerssomeone once commented this was because I can’t work a Windows one. Not likely! Once upon a time I put myself through University building PC’s (I learned the hard way that hard drives don’t bounce on concrete floors), working as Tech Support and teaching at University for HCI among other stuff. Oh, you didn’t think I was edu-ma-cated? Well I may not have a fancy bit of paper but I have a HELL of a debt ($42k) and lost 7 years of my life in tertiary education – and yes I have done post-grad Multimedia papers (I begged/fought my way in).

Anyhoo, Studiowhiz is my slice of the web, were I do what I want – if you don’t like it, tough cookies there are plenty of other sites for you to visit. If you do like it – great, don’t tell me, tell your friends (okay you can tell me, the COMMENTS are open on most posts)

So, yeah – well if you are still reading this you have too much time on your hands.

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